Gmod Hide and Seek Fun – Pumpkin Heads vs Trick-or-Treaters! (Garry’s Mod Funny Moments)

Hey, yo, what’s up? What’s up, man? Oh for fuck sake. You out here trying to get some candy. Yeah. Yeah, got any good candy nah I got somethin’ you can munch on let’s go spy on this this stupid pumpkin man. Aw shit. Fuck this place. Metal Slug! I feel like.. I feel like we’re in a scooby-doo movie. Trick-or-treat. Ohhh trick-or-treat. Want some Candy? Where ya going? Oh um um he’s coming he’s coming Oh hello, come ride the merry-go-round. Ooooo spoooky.. pumpkin owl. Yeees fourzeroseven, Welcome to the wound? merry-go-wound? *laughter from Vanoss* the merry go wound wah- wah- welcome to the merry vanoss come up to the merry go wound with me yay come to the merry go wound Im on the merry go round
Im ont the merr ro wound My game is Freaking out. Eyyyy we won. We won. Yeah. We won on the mewwy-go-wound. What is this place? Moo’s it. Moo’s it. Why why do you think I’m it? because you’re a terrible actor. oh, okay, okay, okay. How do you go up this ladder without getting stuck? Good question. Don’t go to that one. Don’t get it. They follow me guys. Follow me fuck. I’m stuck. Help me, okay I’m good. I just want.. Follow me follow me follow me. Nogla, You can follow me too. No This is fucking trippy. Um, um, um Delirious? Delirious? Delirious? Delirious? Delirious? No, no no no. He can’t.. He can’t get up here. Oh my god, holy shit! Wait, how do you guys get up there? He’s he’s climbing he’s climbing he’s lying. He’s lying. He’s r-running. Right here, right here. Right here. Okay, he’s behind you, he’s behind you! I CAN’T CLIMB! HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CLIMB? Give me a boost. Oh wait, I Can’t climb either I’m stuck. Oh my god.. You jump a lot. No way. yep- yep -yep Ohhhhhhhh boy. Come here, Scooty! NOPE! Oh hey, Nogla! Hey, how’re ya doing? Oh geez. Gotta go!
yeah -yeah Come here, Scotty! NOOO! They couldn’t make it Oh motherfuck ooga boogaty ooga boogaty *laughter* That’s so freaky.
RUN BUNNY… RUN BUNNY..RUN ooga boogaty
YEAH I’m done Oh yeah. I can’t get you scotty.. I can’t get you. OH DAMNIT You already got me.
I got you so long ago.
I know I’m so dumb.
*Brock laughs* Hey yo and like how we’re like a hundred videos into gmod we’re just learning how to Climb No one guys you should just go away, honey You’re boggles These little shits are Oh You’re done i’ma grab that booty booty oh Yes, oh man, are you still on top of the building? Waiting for glory Laurie’s never gonna come Can you do it? Hey figure out how to Various moves closer than you think oh don’t use sprint okay? Okay, let’s see if the ladies can find me Intense Where should we go? Wait no Let’s go, let’s go let’s go. Yeah, yeah Yeah, let’s go we don’t need them This is crazy a blondie This is the Carnival Ride surrounding Their way through Bank Almighty run Jesus. Oh, this is the worst date. I’ve ever been on Probably, just go look somewhere else Hey That’s me now we’ll sandwich Have any other friends out here, mmm those fucking spooky look at me. I’m a green tentacle I’m just a homeless Guys if you wanna daring adventure, okay, I love them I live for daring adventures my Most daring adventure you’ve ever been on in your life, huh I do this. Oh wait careful I’m not gonna sell you guys out. Don’t worry. He’ll never this is Right here, so He shut the door yeah Why do I keep spawning in places that are impossible to get its I’m done, this is it That you jump there oh yeah, holy shit This is a really safe spot It’s pretty good Yeah, it’s real good To suspect it well Apparently, it’s right together

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