97 thoughts on “Gmod Hide & Seek Fun – Watermelon Fun Zone, Trapped In The Closet, Lava Party

  1. MOO I LOVE YOUR VIDS :DDDD you guys are just the best. each time i wake up ย . 1 st thing i do is looking if new vids are up . <3

  2. Lol WATERMELON FUN ZONE *Funky Music lololol
    Moo you are so funny. Your videos are the first I look for c:ย 
    I cant believe you are going to Pax East. The ONE year I cant drive 40 fucking minutes away just to get there. I wanted to go but no one will come with me so Im scared to go alone… :,( I wanted to meeeeetttt youuuuuuuuuu ;-; ;-;

  3. Delirious: he's gonna catch me, he's gonna kill me, he's gonna touch me… don't touch me…
    Moo: creepily yes, let me touch you

  4. Again, your laugh and Delirious's screams are the best part of many of your videos. They make me laugh so hard. Keep up the great fun!

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