Gmod – How to play Hide and Seek & Prop Hunt with Custom Playermodels like Vanoss [Garry’s Mod] V.2

Hey what’s up guys, this is Game_Soundtracks
and in this tutorial I’m going show you again how you can play with your friends your
favourite gamemodes with your custom playermodel. A lot of you requested a remake of this tutorial
since you guys had a lot of questions and problems which will be answered in this tutorial. Just like last time go to addons and open
the workshop. Then search for the enhanced playermodel selector
and subscribe to it. I will
also put the download link in the description for you. Now scroll down until you see this code right
here: This is the code which is required to mount the enhanced playermodel selector to
the console. Copy this code we will need it later. You can now go back to the main menu where
we will now open the console. If you don’t know how to do that just open
the options and search for Toogle console. In my case I can open it by pressing F6. Now open the console. After that we will enter the code that we
have copied. You can type in any letter you want. I will use x. The enhanced playermodel selector is now mounted. Please note that the playermodel selector
will only work on private servers and not on public ones. If you go to “find multiplayer game” and then select a
gamemode and server the playermodel selector won’t work for you because the server has
to install the addon before it can work for everybody. To get the enhanced playermodel selector worked
in multiplayer go back to the main menu and press “Start New Game” and go to the top right site: Then choose how many players
you want to play with. In my case I choose four. Now select your gamemode and start the session. Once loaded you have to invite your friends
to join by opening the workshop again. Then close this window to reach your friend
list down. Choose your friends that are online and invite
them to your game. Your friends will now join your server but
please keep in mind that they will have to download all your addons so if you have 200
addons installed it will take a lot of time until you can play with your friends. After all your friends have joined the server
you can start the gamemode with your favourite playermodel. Your friends can also play with their favourite
playermodels, they just have to mount the code from the beginning of the tutorial to the console too In the beginning of the video we have mounted the playermodel selector to the key x If we press x now it will open up the playermodel selector and we can choose a playermodel. I will now choose this one After that you can click “Apply Playermodel” to change it And now you can see below that I have my own custom playermodel If you don’t have any friends just use my
comment section and ask if someone wants to play with you together. If there are still any questions please ask
them in the comments down aswell. I will try to answer them quickly. If this tutorial helped you please drop a
like and subscribe if you haven’t already. Have an awesome day and goodbye

63 thoughts on “Gmod – How to play Hide and Seek & Prop Hunt with Custom Playermodels like Vanoss [Garry’s Mod] V.2

  1. how to change player model in multiplayer prop and hunt ?, i want to use my download skin, not skin in the server

  2. If my friends join me they can use the playermodel selected. But they cant use custom playermodels
    Does anyone know why?

  3. How do you add effects to your character after being caught? For example Vannoss had a video where whenever you get caught you turn into a bird

  4. do u know how to add custom npcs to a private server for guess who? can it be done with this addon enhanced playermodel selector? or does it have to be with some other thing that you have to download? like this other guy shows in his videos in 2 parts, that were from a year ago cuz those were the latest videos from yt i can find on how to do this. i just looked on that video again and a comment said that its out of date now, so im asking u this lol

  5. I HAVE A HUGE QUESTION BUT NONE OF VIDEOS AWNSER IT Can you put or play with ur player model skin custom on multiplayer severs cuz i sometimes go to my skins and I don’t see my player model on multiplayer sever pls awnser

  6. This video is full of crap ive played a public game with randome and they had skins funny how your video didint include that

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