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Aphmau: Hey Guys! Aphmau here! And today I am joined by 4.. no.. 5 or 4 and a half MIGHTY PALADINS! Otherwise known as Travis, Katelyn, Garroth, And Zane! Travis: Wait.. Aphmau: And today AND Me Aphmau, HEART! Travis: First off, half sized must be you Second off, uhh whats paladin? What are we talking about? Aphmau: VOLTRON!! THE ALL MIGHTY DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE! Legendary Defender… Travis: you mean that the thing. With the dude which I really enjoy everything he says. uhh … Hunk right? Aphmau; Yeah hunk Katelyn: like the kitty robots *everyone gasps* Garroth; Their Giant engines of destruction! Aphmau: Who is your favorite Voltron character? Is it Lance? Is it Pidge? (katie) Is it Keith? Is it Space Dad? (Shiro) Is It? Is it? Is it other guy? Katelyn: Mine is Mustache (Coran) Garroth: I’m assuming the guys is hunk so Yes other guy! Aphmau: No! Nono! Just- Just tryin’ to make people triggered Anyway Aphmau: Zane are you triggered APIs owed happens then you’ll lose ok keep I mean be sure to leave a like a comment and check out the description down below without further ado let’s go ahead and begin yay Ultron forced go this cat go nerd I’m a ticket crown again don’t get my job back I’m stay back come over here I’m a man now you gonna do you got tasked me into a river I will toss you into a super strong what I do do it alright paladins I don’t know no he didn’t man go go away I’m not hear you ma’am ma’am no no boy space mom don’t do it I’m doing you don’t do the thing I’ll tag you know hey well I just found it interesting I’m adorable hell don’t don’t stop spoil don’t don’t talk about pitch you read in we don’t talk about pitch don’t talk about page like that we just say that bridge is because if you’re watching this and you haven’t seen Voltron you should watch it oh the guy I she space dad space dad yes you’re getting a you’re getting a close to look into the behind the scenes of the making of the show yeah there was a lot of EDI honest you can imagine yay I don’t know what’s an option you look like you you’re perfect you are fancy perfect this is a mustache guy he is mustache guy roster and it came with the mustache he’s straight from oak asus do the mustache guy acts out uh did you remember what it was it’s like what I don’t really do something right Maria no I think it’s something I’m area and I’m a slaw hey yeah yep know how it feels I could master today I’m really flattered thank you though all right you’re gonna come up here man I’m lads your Lance okay here I’ll be right here and you’d be over there would you go you are your mustache guy yeah kind of how are we gonna go there alright cuz if they get you at least we’re the same spot we could see you Wow ok does a bus does so one of us can run if the other one gets it yeah exactly but then it’s really a futile effort I don’t think they’re gonna find us here no I mean we could be no no is that what you sound like that’s what that’s what your impression of me sounds like like a change all that one time that will know those those several times you always end it sounds like I mean there’s a basement with space kitties yo and I found you and I thank you I found everybody I win I communicate Olson here hahaha no speech kiddies oh great wait a minute where’s my mask at oh the world isn’t prepared not I wasn’t gonna tell everybody what they found out he’s cute this vehicles you phone calls and yeah all right enough enough talk about freckles time to find people wow that was almost too easy really odd oh well bleh it’s like a good game I don’t know but I who am i anyway Who am I you’re called Shiro ah space dad I’m yo space daddy’s face dad oh hey oh daddy oh god stop please see some of our friends daddy hey let me give you the plot of Ultron in my one minute and forty second version starting now okay so good altron is about this kid who wants to deliver pizzas to the granite but he can’t without two other people in one keeps eating the pizzas and throwing them up in the other study pizza and pizza college and then they find out that there’s a venal been going on with the government and this guy who was the big pizza hey are you war yeah I moustache my moustache guy he said I’m gonna go out to space soon your stuff pretty did and then skeet saved them and she became space dad and then all of a sudden they found a big kid kid dude you moust her pizza dude round pizza planet and they would secrete supplanted and said was there and everyone and then I 41 seconds of come on keep going they kept going to pizza plate and they found it can wake up princess and they woke up princess and they woke up princess um princess is like you are actually all Super Saiyan feet and delivery man were like well if you want a beer to garbage planet we got combine and make pizza Tron man and so I really like the way a valiant effort on your report I feel like the source material could have used some improvement and we give proper credit it I give it a check minus room in your crowd you in like a quilt oh ok ok night what easy means yes someone continue my story and sum it up in 30 seconds go or um hunk is the best character in the show the end it said they had to take it to the edge of each universe as we all know there’s at least seven ends of the universe and then they have to get her I they cut it all up and then they become a friendship because pizza is friendship Ultron drive in the day with space can Laura remember know what the mustache man Oh Cho no but yeah close huh yeah have you ever got five cats in a room and wondered if they would make Voltron yes dama truck I tried that but it honestly just made it oh you’re the one the green one she’s a boy Oh 100 dead what up this is fun to watch me here Oh Travis is watching where are you watching Travis I don’t know like it’s over and I’m watching I’m trying to make a joke here overwatch I’m over watching isn’t that which is funny because Caitlyn kind of looks like a blue hair diva right now comes the cavalry LA oh no I ya know anything that ever I’ve seen you at Tracy Airport we’re all paladin’s now I know I know the Russian lady and the robot body you know Russian lady for some unknown reason what one time a Russian lady sat next to me on a plane and I fell asleep and then when I woke up there was like a cookie in front of me and I was like is this your new shoes like no they’re giving them out I take it for you and I was like oh thank you that’s really nice that she was like don’t get excited is not very good this is ice this is your payment for a beat I just always remember that was such a strange experience like that she’s not a baby is not good this is your punishment it’s mostly you know I gave it 3 out of 10 so it was pretty good i like what that stupid it was like a vanilla caramel like cinnamon waffle cookie was good and it was very fancy to become a hey and white boy everything you just said yeah it was uh I guess she just doesn’t like it mm-hmm that’s very much give me a dessert and put everything get it that’s called its mortgage Borg I’m a pretty princess Grady little princess do you want a puppy yes you’re gonna have to come get it I will get that puppers of this last thing I do a new crop and if you find me when the game starts also throwing a baby but I have to be the first person you find I wait that doesn’t make any sense how are you throwing a baby and I just magically have a baby don’t question my logic what he does your smells babies remember that baby that out don’t ever throw see there you go where’s my baby give me the bag huh it’s inside the giant cat on the cab but you gonna get you going the camera oh she found you yes you son of are you moved hahaha I say yo no se yo know all the way really floored oh okay yo yo okay okay no its you know yeah boy cat and mouse game begins no buds yeah boy okay then 40 butts no coconuts hitta but does anybody thought it’s funny that in the show is why cats to turn into big Voltron go but the palace is my system oh yeah I guess that’s what you’d call some kind of symbolism Ursa yeah because my father think we might Caitlin and they had Caitlyn because Caitlyn turns into space dad all the time we’re like space stands face mom then we’ll find Zane’s ain’t pretty easy to find are you Ethne are you applying that you want to be with Caitlyn because you are now space mom and she is potentially spaced at spaced I does that make you jealous Travis oh you dirty volleyball oh great okay like what I did you find him in a min a fire yes no I didn’t find him saying I’m trying to protect you ok I know where you are thank you don’t hang tight it’s all good i’m coming to get you yeah hang out we’re gonna have this cookie is in pop tarts and smells wonderful so get soda I’m coming for that bode know you can add the booty I’m calling for it no I’ll go for it so let me know what you introduce so ask her for it there’s no same here BPA message give me the boy fine I’ll just go through you I can’t you’re joining him still space son ok alright everyone follow me follow me follow me i’m gonna show you guys f a hiding spot I just found and that Travis will never get to because I i found it just today and nobody’s gonna trust me just follow me you all have to follow me though technically we’re hiding spots today no I found like a new one trust me it’s right here it’s uh it’s a really good one cuz it’s in plain sight he’ll never see it soak up come here all right ouch and now everyone over there you know find a spot and it stirs yeah you never he’ll never find out here if we don’t see him he won’t see us but you have to you have to sit down it’s down go get to sit down would you guys go it’s so awesome oh thank you thank you ok now let’s I’m gonna get founding ok javis no no but there could be anywhere alright so here you guys guys join our party you alright so Travis you sit there I’ll sit over here Darras z oh very Mary I’m birth on hey what are you doing in the chair Jerry come find actually I are you let’s talk all right so how is season 2 of Ultron gonna go when it does come out here I’m hear my theory one I have possible theory that somebody is a not gonna say who but it’s probably gonna come up behind a main character and trade them like that oh and thanks dad she’s gonna go on a streak in Trey him I am Trey her and now I gotta find crap with garlic and there’s one coward that ran away from a moment hahaha he’s gonna be the hero exchanging I’m space dead blah blah blah blah blah okay are you doing turning me into a hunk whoo okay guys that’s it for this episode of Ultron be sure to stay tuned for season two and we’ll see you all in the next season after screen space mom yeah you know great space children yes all right season two Voltron fights the mega sword all right we ate we need to talk about her space children for a second on this one we need to definitely talk about this one’s cool this space child this fish child is funny i like this fascia space child reminds me my friend travis this one why is that what is oh no all right cuz this child’s the womanizer oh okay all right input you know not not that he’s no he’s in love with space mom wow that’s weird anyway hey guys this is super awkward you you

100 thoughts on “Go Lions! | Voltron Minecraft Hide and Seek

  1. IM VERY,VERY,VERY LATE! BUT IM A HUGE FAN OF THE SERIES VOLTRON! THANKYOU FOR DOING THIS! And my favorite characters are Keith And Lance because I ship them. UwU

  2. Shame on me, i knew what Voltron is when I watched this, i just didn’t think I would like it, here i am crying over Klance

  3. Zane is Keith aphmau is shiro katelyn is pidge just add smarts lance is garroth and travave is hunk cuz hunk only flirt with ballmaira lady

  4. Oki, this is how I see the characters-
    Zane as Keith
    Travis as Lance
    Aphmau as Allura
    Katelyn as Pidge
    And Garroth as Hunk

    Regarding the people in this video, this is how I see it.

  5. Zane and Keith are both my favorite characters in aphmau and voltron

    why are emos my favorite..

    also blondes like Garoth. hes funny

  6. Did y'all know Keith was originally gonna have white hair so basically if you give Travis purple eyes Travis would be how they were originally gonna make Keith

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