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I Believe. To perform consistently 95 percentage mind and
5 percentage technique. Other things But. What we do ? We give importance to Practice, Fitness Who all are giving time to improve your mind from upcoming episode How to make your mind become stronger ? How to improve our mind and perform in match? Today Video How to make our dream in to success How to plan Will see I am going to talk about this 5 topics 1- Dream or Vision, 2 – Goal Setting, 3 – Plans,
4 – Action, 5 – Success dream or vision How will be our dream ? It Should be specific. It should be clear picture. what will be i am ? how will be i am? what position will be i am ? Need clear picture about all this. So, This is what i am going to do. Clear and proper picture you need Goal Setting Once You have proper dream and have a confirm in This is what i am going to achieve To reach your dream Set your goal. Set it specifically If your dream in the top. to reach it Do step by step Do step by step goal setting So be specific in your goal set your goal in date To achieve my goal this month what i have to do ? this week what i have to do ? Did i finished my goal ? Your goal should be measure able Another one track your progress. How much i am improved. This week what i did and how much i am improved. So track your improvement day by day. Plans To achieve your goals what are the plans you have ? Achieve your goal in this week what plans you have ? What to do to achieve my goal? Write your plans in a note. Why? If you have proper plan then only you can achieve your goals. If you guys not have proper plan then there will be a chance to fail So while preparing your plans… Prepare your plan properly Action So you have proper goal and plan We need activity to achieve our goal To achieve our goal work on regular basis Do hard work Try to master in one thing So your activity is important to achieve your goal and execute your plans What effect you are doing ? So action is very important to achieve your goal Success Your dreams, Goal, plans Action that doing to execute your plans All this thing will lead you to success So if you achieved one goal then set another small goal……. try to succeed on that So redo all this. Then only you can achieve your goal. If you take rest then there is a chance to go down So again and again Work again and again then only you can achieve your goal and dream. And you can succeed in your life I believe you will understand what i said. You will set proper plans to achieve your dream So… See your Vision Set your Goals have a good plan do lot of action to
execute your plan and enjoy the success thank you for watching have a great day

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  1. Thanks for this information! Writing down goals helps you define who you really are. Goals are tools that help us navigate foggy situations.

  2. A big fan of you sir i was waiting for this video for so long and i have been following your videos from past few months but a bit dissappointed because you haven't used any of the language like English or Hindi which the majority of people do understand in our country.

    A humble request to you sir, please make videos is English or hindi.

  3. Sir, I really learnt a lot from your videos and I have a request, Your followers are from various parts of the country . so, If you please make videos only in English it might help all the viewers from India as well as from abroad to learn from you. Thank you sir!!

  4. "Entelechy" The purpose for which we are born is coded in our DNA.
    1. We shouldn't get bored and there must be thrill and Excitement .
    2. The energy should start flowing whenever we do
    3. It should give us a reward, recognition and sustain us financially.
    4. How it transforms us and the kind of impact we are making on others.
    These are the four key points to decide whether something is our true calling. Without considering these points just chasing our passion will be disaster.

  5. Hello viewers.
    English Subtitle is added. Those who are not understand Tamil. Kindly enable English subtitle.

  6. Sir, am from Bengal… Thanks sir…..sir I am unable to understand Tamil language… Sir pls help🙏🇮🇳🏏

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