Goddess Hylia’s Sailcloth Paraglider Mod

Over 2 years ago, I made the very first mod
for my Breath of the Wild modpack called, Project Golden Goddess. It was the starting point for what would eventually
become a story and fully featured modpack that has consumed my imagination for the past
couple of years. Like I did with the Great Fairy Sword mod,
I wanted to put the mod out in the world with a release trailer. These are fun for me because I am forced to
try to tell a story in a much shorter amount of time than I normally would in a video. Unfortunately, as I’ve been busy working on
mods that aren’t yet ready to be shared with the public, this trailer, like so many projects,
was pushed back. But here it finally is, in it’s entirety along
with the first fully official public release. A big thanks to Asylum who help shoot the
Skyward Sword footage in crispy HD as well as the phenomenal Branna Laurelin for her
cover of Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword. To get behind the scenes sneak peaks at my
mod projects like Golden Goddess, please consider backing me on Patreon. It really helps me
to put more time into working on projects like this. Please enjoy, Goddess Hylia’s Sailcloth Paraglider
reveal trailer..

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