Gold HIDDEN EASTER EGGS (stuck in the vent) HIDE N SEEK at The Spacestation!!

– Sometimes it cutes, yes. – Has anyone found the big eggs? – The silver and gold. – Like that one? – Hold on, hold on! Whoa, whoa! (laughter) You’re gonna break it! (laughter) (upbeat music) (laughter) – Whoa, you almost dropped eggs. What are we doing? – We’re going to hide
Easter Eggs for the boys! – Yay! – Yeah, and what’s in the eggs? – Money. What’s in a big golden one? – It’s $100. – No, no no! – It’s a secret, put it back in! – We have to hide.
So, we’re gonna hide. – That one has to be hidden good. This one has $20. And we gotta hide them, and who’s gonna find them? – The boys! – The boys! Should we start hiding them? – Yeah! – Let’s go! – Let’s go! – That’s a good idea! Alright, vlog, we’re
hiding eggs right now, huh? (ding) Oh, she has an idea! Ooh, that’s a good one. Should I put one up here? – [Addliy] Yeah! – Here, you hold it, and I’ll help ya! Up top! – [Mom] Good job!
– Good job! That’s a money one! Should we put it in the vent? You have to stand on my shoulders. Yeah, good job! – Daddy, come, idea! – That’s a good idea! – Bring it to the kitchen. The gold egg. – I’m putting one here in
this here little bowl, Addliy. – [Addliy] Yeah!
– That’s a good idea. – I got an idea. (mumbles) – [Mom] In here. – [Dad] Good idea, so we
put it in the toilet paper? – Should we call the boys down? – Boys, we’re ready! – Hey, boys! – [Boys] What? – We got a surprise for you!
– We got a surprise for you! – Come down, we got surprises! (mumbles) – I’m already down here. – Easter Eggs. – Easter Eggs? – Yeah! – Alright, should we tell them the rules? – Yeah. – Alright, boys, here’s the rules. You guys ready? – [Boys] Yes! – What are the rules, Addliy? – You have to find all the Easter Eggs! – Yeah! But, there’s a surprise. What’s the surprise? – Money.
– Money! – Alright, so, there’s
eggs hidden all over. They have $1 bills in them, and then there’s one that has a $20 bill, and one that has a $100 bill, and you keep the money if you find it! – There are 20 little
eggs and two big eggs. – Yeah, everything is in this room. – Yeah, everything is in this room. Are we ready? – Yes, ready, steady, go! – Go, woo, find eggs, boys! Alex found an egg! – I got one, I’m gonna open it. – [Dad] What’s in it? – Money!
– Money! – Oh, yes a dollar! – [Dad] Oh yeah! – Thank you so much! – [Dad] He found the tall one! – Here you go, Addliy, thank you. – That’s not coffee. I found one. – [Dad] What he get? One dollar! (mumbles) Has anyone found the big eggs? – Silver and gold. – Like that one? – Burt found one! He found one, let’s see if he can get it! – Hold on, hold on! Whoa, whoa! (laughter) – You’re gonna break it. (mumbles) – I got it! – Addliy, look, he got the eggs! What’s inside? – Holy– – [Boys] $20!
– $20! – This mine or yours? – Yours! – You just want the eggs. (mumbles) – Yeah, there’s still $100! Go find it guys! – Don’t tell him! – No! (laughter) – Addliy, where’s the gold one? – Don’t tell him. Hey, you get away from here! – Hey look! I found one, do I put it in there? – [Dad] What did you get? – I think a dollar! Oh, I keep it? – Yeah. – Oh thank you! High five. Oh I can’t keep the egg though? I’ll keep the money, you have the egg. I like that deal. – Addliy I found some. – He found a lot! – [Mom] That is a lot. – One. What do we got? Ooh a dollar. Ooh another dollar. Oh my goodness, $3! I gotta find that gold egg. – Did you find the hundred? – No. – No? – Addliy, did anyone
find the 100 dollar bill? – Addliy, I found one! I found one! It’s only a one dollar bill. That’s good enough for me. – How much money you got, chicken? – Don’t tell! Get outta here! – Oh look, Dillon just found one! You found one! – There’s three more! – There’s three more, boys! Three more eggs, and one of them has $100 in it! – Hey I think I found one! – He found one! Addliy, he found one! – Over here! – It was in the bathroom? – Toilet? That’s gross. – I found it! (cheering) – He found it! Good Job! Did we find all the eggs? – I don’t know. – [Dad] Let’s count them. – 19. – Brandon found one in the fridge. Bird found it! Good job! I got one more game idea, We have a couple more eggs with money. Who wants to hide them for Addliy? Do you want to find some eggs? – Yeah! – [Dad] Who do you want to hide them? – Um, all the boys! – The boys? Alright, boys, you gotta hide
some eggs for Addliy now. Okay go hide in office! Hey, you get out of here. No peeking! Hey, no, no peeking. You get out of here! Alright, Addily, where should
I hide this egg from you? I don’t want you to find it. There we go, there’s the– – Are you ready? – We’re almost ready. Is everyone ready? – [All] I’m ready! – [Dad] Okay, on your mark, get set, go! There’s some eggs with
money for you and mom. Go find them! Where are they? Let’s see if she can find them. What’s inside? You got money? Okay, let’s find all the eggs. We’ll find them fast! – [Mom] How many did you hide? – [Dad] Good job, grab it. You guy’s see them? – You found it! – [Dad] Ooh, that’s a big one. What’s inside? – Money! – [Dad] Ooh, two money’s? – What are you gonna
buy with all this money? – I don’t know. – You don’t know? – [Dad] You gotta find the gold one. (laughter) Where is it? – Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy! – Almost. – They put it in the A for Addily! – Do you see any? – [Dad] Holy cow, is that the gold one? (cheering) Let’s see what’s inside! – It broke open. – [Dad] What is it? – Money! – [Mom] $5! Is that all of them? – No. – [Dad] Did we find them all, boys? There’s still a couple more! Good job!
– Mommy! – Good job! I see another one! Look under the sink. – [Dad] That’s crazy! – Who did that? Did you do that? – I didn’t hide it under. Go ask the boys who did it. – Who hide it under here? (laughter)
– I did it! – Brandon did it. – [Dad] Brandon!
– Brandon. – Good job! (upbeat music) Holy cow! – Who hide it over here? – Me. (laughter) – [Dad] Can you see it? – See it, can you see it? – Yeah. (cheering) – [Dad] You found them
all, Addliy, good job. Hey high five! Good job! You got them all? – Thanks for playing, boys! Thanks for watching bye! (upbeat music)

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