81 thoughts on “Golden Goal – Trekampsfotball/Three Way Football/Soccer – w/English subs

  1. frankly, that doesn't make you a special person or something, genius whatever.. everybody has thought about these kind of things. but doing it, instead of just thinking it, makes this a funny thing to watch 😉

  2. yeah ofcourse I didn't say I'm special or anything. We tried playing it once but at the end it was just 2 vs. 1 and keeping scores was a nightmare.

  3. Funniest non-vine video I have seen in ages (apart from their other football videos), even though it isn't in English!

  4. grattis fk haugesund, +2 MF mens de andre har -1. ikke overrasket at Hugesund fortsatt er i tippeligaen (Nå eliteserien) og at Kongsvinger er i Adeccoligaen (Nå OBOS-ligaen) mens stakkars Hønefoss er i 2. div

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