44 thoughts on “GOLF WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Hockey!

  1. Hey beef I was wondering when the last time u did something with pause was and if u r ever gonna do anything again with him it makes depressed that u guys don’t really play game with each other anymore

  2. I got to say, I'm loving all the content lately. I really enjoy watching you playing with other people, so between the server, the games with the patreons, Kurt and Cone and the Pixark guys, the last few weeks have been a lot of fun to watch. Then there's also the single player RPGs, Skyblock, the vlogs…you've been putting a lot of work into your channel lately. It's appreciated!

  3. Go Blackhawks! (And they are possibly a team that's worse than the Canadians this year, so there's that.)

  4. Don't get me wrong I love your videos lately but I miss you playing with Keralis, Slip, and Pause. Will you guys ever play together again?

  5. For the cannons you need to just lightly hit it in so it stops inside. Then it closes the door and will fire you out. It's really not very intuitive.

    Also, don't forget you can jump when you're in the water. It's useful for the holes with water features.


  6. You were supposed to use the cannons. You use the ball as the cannon ball. Lightly hit it in before the back closes and it shoots you. I've watched other youtubers play this map.

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