Google Search: Cricket, फट से

Your guy is out! Oh go away! He is not out! Who are you calling granddad? I’m just calling your uncle to find out what the third umpire’s decision is. Damn! The electricity had to go just now only. I wonder how they work! I’m telling you, your guy is out! Oh, please! Out!! Huh? See! No, he’s not! 156 for no loss. Ohh wow! My champ did a great job!! See, I told you But.. How did you find out so quickly? Like this! That too, without calling anyone!

41 thoughts on “Google Search: Cricket, फट से

  1. Atleast I thank google for not ruining the final touch – when Dadaji asks "how did you find it so quickly" she doesn't say "I have Google" 😛

  2. Strange Technology…Google search in cricket advt works on Wifi in spite of no electricity…wonder where we get such routers.

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  4. girl ke phone par wifi ON hai…aur bijli toh uncle ke mutabik ghar se gol hai….toh did ji ye bta dijiye ke electicity ki suppy google waalo ne sidhe aapke phone par google se send ki thi

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