Gopi Bat Theme Music | Jai & friends win the match | Chennai 28 || | Vijay Vasanth gets his bat back

‘Actually this match
was gaining momentum’ ‘But rain has slowed down the pace’ To play this lousy game of cricket… …he gave such a soul stirring
emotional speech! The way you spoke
all my anger evaporated But the way you played now
I feel like strangling you Don’t worry, Selvi We’ll win this match for sure Oh really?
Tell me about it! They’ve scored 33 runs of 3 overs How is it possible to win? Okay, you know
he’s swinging every ball… …you could’ve bowled a spin In your match, don’t you
have fielding restrictions? Dude, it’s very simple When you bowl… …think your wife is batting Move aside Why are you playing like this? Looks like you will stop
Raghu’s wedding with ease You know he’s coming out to hit Then why do you
bowl short pitch? Bowl full length Most important, make sure
off side is covered No one in your team knows
to bowl a yorker, huh? What is this? Your dad was Sharks team’s captain too Now you’re also in his shoes You’ve bragged to me about how you’ve
won many tough matches single handed I’m so proud of you Just 1 man, you’re enough
to win this match ‘Glad news to everyone
Rain has stopped’ ‘The clouds have gone home’ ‘The cement bag covers
are being removed’ ‘Pitch is slightly wet’ ‘Like layers of powder
needed for a girl’s face…’ ‘…this pitch needs even more
to be able to resume play’ Can’t stand this bulldozer’s antics! He is unable to bend Then why is he claiming
to present a pitch report? He’s being XL funny! ‘Both the teams have
come to the ground’ ’33 runs in 2.1 overs’ ‘Even if they hit
3 runs per over…’ ‘…Bad Boys team can win
this match casually’ Ball won’t move too much
in this wet pitch Bowl aiming the stumps slowly Do not bowl full toss I think they’re planning how to run away
from this town without anyone noticing ‘In the gap when rain stopped…’ ‘…you must have stuffed yourselves with
peanuts and corn to your tummies’ content’ ‘Pazhani is getting ready
to bowl the 1st ball’ ‘He spins like twisting
a pretzel for Christmas’ Yes…! Bowled Super…! ‘As if the ball had boozed, it fell flat
and hit the stumps with a stagger’ ‘Bad Boys team has lost
their 1st wicket!’ ‘Next batsman to enter the field
is their captain Hari’ ‘He’s former West Indies captain
S.N.Surendar’s son’ ‘As predicted
he hit on the off side’ ‘But since out field is wet…’ ‘…the ball is like a ‘jamun’
soaked in sugar solution!’ ‘Falling like a corpse’ ‘We can finish the match
in 2 overs flat with 4s and sixers’ ‘Know the calculation
of Duckworth-Lewis?’ ‘Subtract 200 from 333, multiply
by 432, divide by 2 and add 4’ ‘Tell me the answer’ ‘Don’t know?
Shut up then’ ‘Pazhani is bowling the next ball’ ‘Batsman is coming out
of the crease to hit’ ‘Ball goes right into
the hands of our watchman’ ‘Our watchman has safe hands
Bad Boys won’t handle this well’ – Ball isn’t bouncing, sir
– Pitch is fine – They don’t know to bat
– Ball is very low Sooper, da ‘Sharks team is playing very well’ ‘For the 1st time Bad Boys team feels
the pressure and is letting off steam’ ‘After the rain, this pitch
is supporting Sharks team’ ‘Next Raghu is bowling’ ‘Fantastic shot
Ball high up in the air’ ‘Our watchman doesn’t keep
an eye on our town alone’ ‘His hawk eyes caught the ball’ ’39 for 4 after 7 overs’ ‘Watchman bowls
Well hit by the batsman’ ‘But our watchman
makes it a point to catch’ ‘In Australia it’s called ‘sledging’
In India it’s the fine art of licking!’ ’42 for 4 after 8 overs’ Hey! Try batting
from the other end Calling me ‘uncle’, huh? Let’s see your handwork! ‘They need to score
22 runs in 23 balls’ ‘Let’s wait and watch
if Bad Boys team can pull it off’ ‘He hits the ball and
picks up a single’ ‘But Pazhani isn’t throwing the ball’ ‘Don’t know why
he is acting pricey now’ ‘Like a random chap benefitting
on his phone with someone else’s top up’ ‘Pazhani has given a similar
unnecessary overthrow’ ‘Karthik is running like a mini jumbo truck
driving over twisted wires on the ground’ ‘Excellent ball’ ‘Bad Boys team is
unable to play it’ Stay put and play
Stick to singles Ask the fielder in the covers to go back Dude, move right Why show off like this
when you’ll surely lose? Watch your tongue – I’ll break your teeth
– I’ll handle them 11 runs off 10 balls Karthik’s next ball Yes! ‘Clean bowled!’ ‘Like asking his grandma
if he should play this ball or not…’ ‘…before he could think, like the auto
in Madras, it swerved and hit the stump’ Hey, not out ‘Only 9 more balls left’ ’11 runs needed’ ‘Only 2 wickets on hand
for Bad Boys team’ ‘Like a finance company conning everyone
next ball sailed to a smooth 4’ ‘6 balls
7 runs’ ‘If you look at both the teams…’ ‘…they are under full pressure’ ‘Way beyond the pressure
even a pressure cooker can take’ ‘This is the last over’ ‘First ball’ Excellent ball, Gopi! ‘5 balls remaining
7 runs needed’ ‘But only 2 wickets on hand’ ‘Uncle Gopi is bowling the next ball’ Lovely shot by Pandi ‘Ball is bouncing
towards the boundary’ ‘Boundary’ ‘Like a friend paying for
the ‘biryani’ we hogged… ‘…Bad Boys’ fans are very happy’ ‘4 balls left
and 3 runs to win’ ‘Uncle Gopi is ready to bowl
the next ball with a lot of prayers’ ‘To the off side’ ‘Like a slap on the ears by
the Science teacher, Hari slams it’ ‘Ball is high in the air’ ‘Still in mid-air’ – You crossed the boundary line
– Thanks…thanks a lot Just like the Math teacher knuckling
our heads, ball fell on Cheenu’s head Who hit my head? ‘- You crossed the boundary line
– Thanks…thanks a lot’ Be ready with your bat Come…come
Let’s group hug! After knocking Cheenu’s skull
I caught it before it hit the ground Thank you
Thank you so much ‘3 balls remaining
3 runs to be scored’ ‘But only 1 wicket on hand’ ‘If someone is a heart patient
don’t watch this match’ ‘Tension has built up’ ‘Go home’ ‘Go home, da’ ‘Next ball by uncle Gopi’ ‘Terrific fielding’ ‘2 balls left
but 3 runs needed’ ‘As far as I know, this is
the 1st time in Theni district…’ ‘…this match will have
a nail biting finish’ ‘Soooper, Ezhumalai!’ ‘Like Bangladesh captain
Shahrukh Khan, well fielded’ ‘Only 1 ball left
but 3 runs needed’ Dude, look at the gap
Play according to the ball You can easily hit Go, play ‘If the batsman strolls like
he’s fetching milk for his house…’ ‘…he will certainly get out!’ ‘Outstanding victory
for Sharks team’ Uncle, here’s your bat Soooper match, uncle You played brilliantly Give us a treat Hey Raghu! You played
a soooper game Great job! ‘Ganesan and my daughter
are getting married’ ‘You can’t pull
any strings to stop it’ – Raghu
– Bro…? – Why are you looking so dull?
– I don’t know what to do They are getting Anu married
in Tirupati tomorrow How can they do that?
I’ll come with you Tonight we will kidnap Anu Why do you worry?
Your good heart deserves a good life Trust me
Let’s go ‘In tomorrow’s Finals’ ‘…’V’ll Win XI’ will face Sharks team’ ‘In this tournament Sharks team
is in superb form’ ‘So I’m hoping this time
they will win the Nippon Paint cup’ ‘And earn the name ‘champion team’
in the whole of Theni district’ ‘We will know tomorrow the fate of
‘V’ll Win XI’ as their name implies’ ‘Meet you tomorrow, the D-day’ ‘Until then signing off is…’ ‘Badava Gopi’

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