GoPro Fusion 360 review by Paragliding Pilot

Let’s talk about my new toy gopro fusion 360 camera So when you think about 360 camera, don’t just think about, you know, take picture around you That’s only on one Application so this 360 camera actually opened the whole new world to you. Let’s take a look So why choos gopro fusion than many another 360 cameras this is my reason the first is a waterproof So if you deal with the water, you definitely need a waterproof, right? And the second is accessories. If you have a long history with GoPro, you definitely have a lot of accessories then you still can use with the GoPro fusion and I found out this gopro smart remote control is super super important with GoPro fusion You can say this. This is really old. There may be a five or six year old. This is from gopro three actually so I have gopro two three, four five and Yeah, I keep six and seven and go to the fury But those are worked perfectly the Scene is about a GoPro remote control. It’s the screen actually is the same screen here. So when we take action, you can actually see out on this screen that Actually camera take your action It’s not like like a regular book actually push the button It doesn’t it did not really know if the camera is shooting or recording or something and with GoPros my remote control you can see everything I camera and the family is GoPro the family actually the key feature was GoPro Furion is Over capture and I will show you right now Over capture is a key feature for GoPro Furion Think about if by the traditional camera like a you’d ride on a bicycle on the money camera somewhere and then it’s only shoot one way, right and By the 360 camera should everything right and the over capture is like another cameraman Because if you already have the footage, we not really want to turn you just turn your phone To over capture the food if you want to shoot and then you shoot it again if It’s like this But you shouldn’t you turn on the camera and you’re running and you jump over the camera, right? So by the traditional camera, this is no way to show that this way you jump over the camera, right? So but this 360 camera is already capture everything now you just go back to your ApP and Your your phone is like a your cameraman and shoot the whole footage. Yeah, or And then you’ve got a perfect footage like a you how you jump over the camera, you know So this is a how gopro fusion over capture works So first thing I have to go GoPro a PP a tunnel to go for a pee pee and then you can link to the camera Pearlie you know already downloaded everything in my Phone I just put goes to the media. So this is a footage that shot at maybe couple of days ago for paragliding Ground handling so you can see this. This is a lecturer picture So this is a 360 picture, you know, you can see this is a 60 picture So what a cool feature is So you can capture the picture like this, you know, this I Put the capture and see if I want a square Square To the next so that’s a picture you actually capture So that’s so easy so if the same in same photo you can also capture picture like there is you know like like something like this because I Want to capture my days to the next so yeah, this is a picture you actually catch like this So and we so video with the video or there’s a little video You can see So the video is yeah right now, it’s I actually go over go over the camera and Down the slope. So we do the over capture. So you tap the over capture So you can actually move your phone to capture the screen, you know Okay, you can see this is a over capture This is a really cool feature and make make the 360 camera is so easy it’s same thing like it’s getting more American that’s uh So that’s a 360 photo we catch you can see the around the how that works that is and You can move just with your finger. You can make a cool picture that is you know Also, you can make a cool picture as is see So the family what’s something I don’t like with a GoPro fusion. There’s quite a lot as well So the first thing it’s this is a way heavier So if I put them on my helmet, I just feel the helmet try to fall on my face. This is too heavy and also The market took the price for this one $700 I mean you think about this isn’t like a to go purse we Put them together. I mean see this is way overpriced as well and Another thing it’s If you come in this two together, I mean the your smartphone with a GoPro, that’s perfect Like I showed you with the over capture. Everything is perfect by this low quality You know, what here dudes everything on your phone. It’s more like a cell phone quality It’s like a small screen quality if you want to transfer to the computer I mean the GoPro Furion studio is just so crap Whenever we want to do some drama, you know crash will crash We’ll quadri you have to risk our history start to do a little job. This is really bad That’s how software for the GoPro Another things like I say the you need it definitely needed the small remote control You probably want to limit it each of you video clip Like maybe a tour three minute otherwise Even you’re putting yourself on to Eddie is still can crash yourself as well. So so definitely need this smart remote control and you know should leave a little bit short Clip and then merge them together to beauty or Fano video. That’s much easier Practical and you know should a longer video to carry in the piece So that’s how I think about the GoPro fury if you got some questions your different ideal Please leave me a comment below and we will discuss

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