GoPro: Japanese Ice Hockey Prodigy Aito Iguchi

>>Look at that stick.>>My name is Aito Iguighi from Saitama,
Japan. Years old, 11. I am a monkey.>>First impression, in person,
I thought he was a bit shy. Ten minutes later, the complete opposite. He was just super energetic,
super outgoing.>>Cup bud. And just a kid who loves life.>>And loves hockey.>>Whoa, whoa!>>Go, go, go! Hard, hard, hard! Look up, look up, look up! Look up, look up, look up.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.>>As Stanley came to me. I think you’ve seen my YouTube videos and
you’ve seen my training footage for stick handling and stuff like that and he wanted Ito to have
the advantage in that department.>>Hey guys.
It’s Pablo Barber here with another shootout tutorial. He sent me some videos and
I was blown away at first, I couldn’t believe the level of skill. A pretty easy decision for me to take him up and help him out a bit. It’s training day, stick handling?>>No.
>>I saw that he loved the game and his stick handling was something
that he took to pretty seriously. You just want the best for kids. Cuz you know exactly what he’s thinking,
what he’s going through.>>That was nasty.>>And I have the experience, so I’m looking to use my experience to
help him be the best that he can be. So I’ll go through it here, pass back, backwards.>>How many times?>>Let’s just go three.>>Yeah. Three times.>>Come on. Woo. That was dirty pops.>>It’s so amazing to see how
quickly it picks something up->>Just go on forehand like this.>>Without understanding the words I say. I mean,
he clearly pays attention to the details. He clearly focuses on the task at hand and
follows it very well.>>Okay, so we’re gonna juggle some eggs,
work on our soft hands here, okay.>>You know, we talk all the time about
his skills and all that stuff, but what really brings out his skills
is his sense of creativity.>>His imagination and
the way he sees the game. The thing is that he tries on the ice.>>Soft hands, okay?>>There’s lot of kids out
there who have skills but, they don’t have his creativity.>>Yeah. Yuppie.>>You wanna eat this?>>Eating.>>Eating.>>Eating.>>You know, there’s an old saying in Japan, that the
nail that sticks out gets knocked down. But he is the nail that’s sticking out.>>I’ll pick you up at three.>>And he’s not getting knocked down. He’s out there having fun, doing all the
things we’re told you shouldn’t be doing. Him moving away from home at 11-years-old
to pursue this is insane to me. I definitely wouldn’t have done
it if I were a kid, no way. I mean the average kid, they’re just doing
school, they have no jobs, no anything, they’re just having fun
with their friends. And this kid has just
taken on a whole lot and he’s doing it with a smile which is great. Of the family, I was the youngest, so I
never got to be a big brother to someone. He’s an only child, so
he didn’t have any siblings. Having him around all day either training
on the ice or away from the ice, being in that big brother role is awesome.>>Lany.
>>Hm?>>Lany.>>Yeah. What’s Lany?>>Or rainy.>>Yeah.>>It’s not raining. All right it’s raining.>>But we’re still gonna play
some floor ball in the street. Are you ready?>>No.>>That’s a yes.>>No.
>>A resounding yes. Let’s go. There’s nothing I hate
more in this world than seeing a kid who has potential and
then seeing people drag him down. So what if he can stick handle when
there is hitting he is gonna get nailed. He is clearly a very
good player in Japan and stands out because other kids aren’t so
good. If he was from Canada,
US, Russia, Finland or even Sweden,
he would not get this kind of hype. When I first saw Aito, I wanted to go that extra mile for
him because I kind of saw myself in him. I saw he was tiny, number one. I was really tiny, so
I think I struggle with that quite a bit, and wish I had someone to be
that support system for me. And tell me that doesn’t
matter what other people say, doesn’t matter what they think. That’s the kind of stuff I just despise. So, I’m really trying to be that
positive influence on him so he’ll know what voices to listen to.>>Seriously? Make me do all the work? There you go. The bigger goal was to get him used
to training against harder opponents. So that when the time comes he’ll
actually have to push himself to succeed, and that’s what we wanted.>>You gotta toughen up.>>Being a small kid, playing in
this sport, it’s not easy to begin. Again a lot of people telling you,
you are too small, and that’s what we’re trying
to get out of his head.>>The main thing he’ll need
to pick up on is his 50, 50 battles, just be more tenacious. Getting lower in his stance,
being stronger, using every pound that
he’s got to win that puck.>>Iso Iguchi.>>Brandon. Brandon, Brandon.>>Looking good.
Is that my hat? For me, it’s really fun to be able
to pass my experiences on with him. To be able to have fun with him and
just get better at hockey alongside of him The future for Aito Iguighi, it’s unknown. My biggest wish is that he would just
believe in himself and his abilities, focus on that, don’t worry about
what anyone else says about him.>>Aito! What I’d want is him to always feel
comfortable coming to me asking questions. I always want to be part
of his development. As long as he’s serious about
progress I’ll always be there to help him along the way. If you wanna be as good as you can. At anything in this life
you gotta love it so if he doesn’t love it, I’m not gonna
be bummed out, that’s his decision. And he’ll be great at whatever he puts his
mind to so I’m not too worried about that.>>Hello.

100 thoughts on “GoPro: Japanese Ice Hockey Prodigy Aito Iguchi

  1. i moved to canada when i was 6 and my friends where already good skaters and played hockey (and there was ice on the outdoor basketball court).

  2. These days the more shit you get with the support, the better you are at what you do. Too easy for ignorant racist pigs and other morons to spew shit from behind their keyboards. The kid is brilliant, keep at it!

  3. I mean size helps but as long as he learns positioning and how to take a hit he could be as physical as Marchand

  4. That kid is super good. I wish I was that good. He deserves to be the best and if anyone tells him he can't do it then they are horrible. Live well and don't let anything stop him from persuing his dreams.🏒😁👍👍👍👍

  5. What an incredible talent, he's certainly got the skills, size and speed will come in time, he's definitely got the goods to excel in the sport

  6. He’s better then most of the people that thinks he is bad, this is just a video displaying amazing skill

  7. I played against him in an international tourney and I’m a defenseman and he dusted me 1v1 twice and I was speechless

  8. do you think he can make it to the NHL? when i see these kids i really have no idea how they compare to others their age

  9. I scout Asian sports…….This is the real prodigy and not that BS youtube basketball kid from Florida. I cant even remember his name. This kid is 100X better than Crosby at the same age!

  10. This kid has sick skills! And can we talk about Pavel Barber for a minute. 1st if all he is maybe the best stick handler I've ever seen, secondly he seems like a great guy from all of his videos. Respect my G

  11. looking forward to see him in the NHL! Keep up the good work, belive in yourself. And dont care about what the rude people say!

  12. During my years in middle school, Aito transferred to my glass for a short while due to him traveling around a bunch. His friend/teammate was actually in my class when he transferred.

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