[GOT7의 하드캐리] 혼비백산 잭슨의 비행 성공기 | Ep.7-9 (SUB)

Run, just run downwards would do (Biting his lips due to fear) I can’t run TTTT You have to run, why would a tennis player be so scared? I’m not a tennis player! A-ah? Oh fencing! Good then! It’s okay x2 Hyungggg TTTT Fighting while smiling! I can’t smile TTTT (Paragliding preparation done!) It’s so scary, hyung. One, two, three! Run run! (Run! Jackson!) Here, run run run forward run x100 (SAVE JACKSON) Hyung!! (Anyway, succeeded in flying in hyung’s arms) Oh my god! (This must be a dream) (Jackson’s scream can be heard everywhere) (Frightened) *The filming is conducted safely with professionals. (Screaming automatically within 2 seconds) Wang Jackson~~~ (Wang Pea) (Jackson finding peace within the beautiful scenery) (Proud Mark Guide) Hyung, after saying you didn’t want to ride it just now~ (The person who is singing… is the person who was just screaming…) (Super Wang Coward have safely landed too!) Hyung, it’s like you’re dreaming right? Yeah but it was too short! There wasn’t any wind.. (As if he was never afraid, Jackson started talking) The most scary thing is when I wasn’t even ready mentally “Yah! Run run run!” Run what? (After running, in the sky~?) (The moment Jackson meets the sky!)

56 thoughts on “[GOT7의 하드캐리] 혼비백산 잭슨의 비행 성공기 | Ep.7-9 (SUB)

  1. เสียงแจ็คสันแบบดังสุดละ555

  2. i love watching GOT7 enjoy every experience even the scary ones cause like Jackson always says 'when are you ever gonna get the chance again?" Love You Jackson! #Fighting !!!

  3. I'm so Jackson when there are things that has to do with height and speed like roller coasters 😂😂😂😂

  4. งื้ออออ😍😍😍เฮียนั่งเหมือนน้องเต่าเลยง่าาาาาาา ขวัญเอ๋ยขวัญมานะค่ะเฮีย😘😘

  5. I had an eargasm when Jackson baby said to the guide 'Hyunggg~' in a sweet toneee while preparing to flyy. I died!!! MyG!

  6. I swear Yugyeomie is the cutest when he’s happy. He’s like a 5 year old kid especially with his cute voice!! That “Wang Jacksooon” was really adorable!! But when he’s pissed off or not in the mood, he’s really scary. 😂

  7. I feel you jackson. I've acrophobia I'm so afraid of heights but i still end up going for it😂

  8. I thought he wouldn't be able to shout as there was no member with him. Like there isn't a "JINYOUNG-AHHH!" and "YUGYEOM-AAAAAHHHH!" version 3 but then I remember that he is Jackson Wang. Of course there's a "HYUUUUUNNNNGGGG" and endless "AAAAAAAHHHHH"s. Hahaha. I kennat with you babe. I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂

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