12 thoughts on “Graig Nettles on ‘The Baseball Bunch’

  1. Used to watch this growing up. That's why I was surprised to see that Johnny Bench is actually a bit of a prick. He didn't show it in this series.

  2. I wonder how many women that he do? I can't help wonder if he influenced the gene pool of the Major Leagues today? I mean they don't exactly resemble Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt.

  3. the best play at 3rd base in a world series ever that I can remember during my lifetime I'm 51 now I know Brooks Robinson stole the 70 world series from the reds I don't recall it but 77-78 I was 11-12 and Greg nettles had a world series I will never forget.

  4. One of the most underrated player ever. Even though his average wasn't good, he made up for it in many other ways.

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