Grease (1978) – Danny at Bat Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

I think you’re gonna
like baseball. It’s not that much
of a contact sport. Now, get in there
and let’s see what you can do,
all right? Throw the ball.
Come on. Let’s play. Pitcher: Hey, where
would you like it, huh? Come on, man.
Let’s pitch this guy out here. He can’t hit.
This boy can’t even bat. Strike.
See? I told you.
He doesn’t even swing. What kind of ball player
are you? Come on.
Put it in here, pitcher. Strike. Come on, a little pepper,
a little fire. Come on, a little fire
in there. Come on, come on.
Let’s see you hit it. Put it in, put it in,
put it in. Umpire: Foul ball. Easy, easy, easy.
Now! Come on! Come on! Put the bat down.
Put the bat down!

22 thoughts on “Grease (1978) – Danny at Bat Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

  1. I feel like in this day and age the greasers would be replaced by emos and hipsters i.e they're seen as cool even though they don't like sports

  2. The catcher didn’t even say anything Danny messed with the wrong guy that guy was definitely ready get show him who’s boss

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