Great Hockey Deke and Move to Practice

In this drill, we are working on
attacking from our forehand side on that defender, so in this situation
you can maybe come down outside of the rink, coming off the wall
towards that defender or you can even be coming down more towards the middle but just taking
that forehand angle at that defender. What we are gonna do
here is working to bring the puck out wide like we are going to toe pull But remember we are not crossing into face, the
face of that defenseman so instead of toe pull, we are trying to get
them to lean this way and then we are going to bring that puck back
on our forehand and either beat him out wide or get a shot on that. Starting not
just working on this you can work on this just stationary Again like I said you can work on
shooting or you can work on just moving your feet
through and not shooting, because you are getting
yourself time and space in a lot of times you also want to think about If I had that time and space, who’s open,
who can I move that puck too So coming in, here we won’t have
our feet moving. We are just going to be doing this drill stationary Just like you are coming in on this guy,
we are steppin just like we’re going to pull we are trying to get him to lean And all we Going to do is to rotate our Hands out and
push that puck back Here we are, okay pull, push release. Always if your going to shoot
very quick hard release. Here so pull push release pull push release. Now if I wanted to not shoot
just want to move my feet I come across pull, push and then
move okay now we are going to that same
drill toe pull out bring it in, push it back out trying to
get that defenseman to lean but this one we are going to have our feet
moving, so you can do the stationary and then you can also do them with your
feet moving so working on that board momentum as you performing the drill as well,
really good. Actually practice both As we were coming in here okay
coming in with that puck on the outside here we have taken our step with our body but you can notice that the
puck is still over here. What you are getting him to play our body and follow us but that puck is over here, so we want
him to over anticipate that play like we are going to bring that toe pull back and reach with that stick and that is why we are going
to make that move for coming here toe pull back shoot. We are really trying to get him
to bite on that toe pull. One more here Here toe pull back, shoot and like I
said In this drill, we are getting quick shot if you are ging to shoot you are probably going to be shooting up
that offside foot, that’s okay shot quickness and that is why we really work on
that technique with our hands on the shot because now we going to have time to
transfer that weight Next thing, if you don’t want to shoot
and you just want to work on speed that’s okay Pull it in and and then explode out. We are not giving that defenseman to lean on this

7 thoughts on “Great Hockey Deke and Move to Practice

  1. Hello
    I just of started hockey and I want to although you shows some muscle strengthening exercise or shoot with the easy to start hockey stick
    sorry I don't speak very well English
    thank you much I love your video!

  2. Question though, wouldn't it be more efficient to just preform the toe drag than add all the extra steps? if you shift your weight and preform the drag, wouldn't that still fake out the defender? Just wondering

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