Hey what’s up guys It’s Nick here. Before this video begins I want to quickly tell you guys about Troll hub It is a new community channel You guys probably know what a community channel is ‘Cause their are a Lot of them on YouTube And I’m not trying to add to the inflation of them but something that really sparked my interest In this one, is that it is a non-profit community channel and what that means is None of the videos uploaded to this channel will have ads on them. The owner of this channel ZexyZek will be arranging sponsorships for this channel That will donate directly to a charity and it will be changing monthly Their will be links in the description and information on the screen to go subscribe to this channel Thank you guys and enjoy the rest of this video 😀 Cause it’s a long one… Um… I don’t know where I am. Oh yeah, he’s- you guys spawned in the jungle Oh, ok. Y’know what I’m saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ok, go to the weird O-shaped update thing. What update house? *hEAVY SIGH/BREATHING* What the Frick are you talking about>:U Oh, is it the- Nick Naires are you in a good spot? I mean I-I st- I feel like if I give away a hint of what area I’m in then he’ll just know like I’m in the pretty good spot though. (Other guy cuts in R.I.P: I haven’t been here. Hey Nick, just give me One hint Um… I’m very close to the water No, d-don’t teleport me I like my spot Searchin the mine to the nasty pickle 88
(Da frick?) Why? *says while supposedly laughing* Wait when? Dats Naaaasty. I dunno, soon Nick, where the frick are you? *exasperated sigh* Uuuh I think I do but I don’t have that privilege unlocked. Where is this [something] He’s just in a cave, Ethan Woooooow. It’s- It’s under the map I just went for a little swim Oh yeah! There’s this weird hole you can inside the nipple (what-) and then it leads down to here *laughter* What? XD Who spawned the Wither? Ooooh shit You spawned it but you’re j- Maybe you spawned it but you’re just trying to blame it on me. I don’t even have stuff to spawn the wither I don’t have it. *amused laughter* I didn’t realize the Wither eats- No we don’t We just don’t save it, Ethan I think it’s on auto save- I don’t mean to be a dick but is Ethan a boy or a girl? Oh ok *chuckles* But like, for the past 5 minutes, I’m just like- “Wait… is… is it a boy or a girl? um…” (Aren’t we all :’D) If it ain’t gay, then it ain’t gay I gotcha. Nothing I’m looking through the hole I’m a bit lost No you’re not you’re just- *voice collision* IT? Wow. Yeah, but you’re an actual It. ;D And- *Ho hooooo* (#)Get Roasted Aw, that’s not nice 🙁 Did you blow up TNT? Rotten flesh He’s just going for a little swim-swim. Leave him alone I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it I promise that I didn’t do it It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it I didn’t do it (x6) I didn’t do iiiiit *Places down more TNT* NoooOOOo *voice cracks* I didn’t do it do it, I did not do iiiit No- I didn’t do it That’s ’cause I didn’t do it and that just proves like… Like why would I try and do something that fix something that I didn’t break? So that’s like… Pretty good logic I would say. No, y-y-you’re *Stuttering continues* Do you have your glasses on? Maybe that’s a [something *shrugs*] It’s caUSE HE’S THE ONE DOING IT The map more like it… It proves that I- I don’t even have TNT D: I don’t even know what TNT looks like on this texture pack I never play on this shit I don’t even know what TNT looks like on this text- -ture pack Yeah! How will I-I-I need to k-know what it looks like to spawn it Jeez… *victim of this situation* Y-Yeah, that sorta leads some suspicion >~>Oh, maybe You’re the one putting it down. Look at you Standing right next to this TNT No, no blowing up. Yeah, it might be You. You mean HER. (what about ‘It?’ ;w;) What’s wrong with being a pirate transgender? You gotta problem with pirate transgender? Whoa… Holy shit! Inside of the pyramid looks… soooo trippy. What the- What you guys do? :0 Holy shit… I was not expecting that… It’s called ‘Teamwork.’ It’s called Teamwork. It looks so aesthetic. I-it sorta looks like some Warped reality. No remember? Remember? I I know that’s why this sign at the front of the pyramid says, “Welcome to the Matrix.” Really? oh, I didn’t- I just went on through- through the roof I didn’t even look at the sign. Nope 😛 Why are you breaking the [something… tap?] of the tower? Oh I t- I-I could admit to that because I said like, “Oh I didn’t even go through the front door…” Ok, that wasn’t me the second time then. See, it’s YOU, Ethan! It’s Ethan Bradbury! Wait, Actually I was gettin’ a bit confused there. I’m just like, “wait, whaaaat?” What parent names their daughter, Ethan? wow. *chuckle* *Enjoy this moment of Awkward, noticeable forced laughter* D:>-Save Yeah it will. No it will auto-save. Yeah, no it won’t. Yeah, it will. It will auto-save from the last time, that- that– The little save uh, chest box pops up on the right han- hand top corner of the screen. Which is only like, five minutes ago. That was like… W-wh- I-I didn’t do it! Why are you tryna put blame on me? You didn’t record anything You didn’t See anything Well I actually didn’t do anything I did the Withers but the Wither was in WATER. Wither was in water- You just get a bucket of water and you put it back It’s not that much No you don’t ’cause it will auto regenerate if you put one -_- It will! So, are you saying that you would have a pet peeve of me doing this then 😀 Uh-huuuhh *giggles and laughs* Are you saying that this may be an issue with your- with you then? Oh! Oh no! Why would you do that? ;D Sometimes I ask myself “What would Jesus do?” and then Uuuh, I’d somehow get this answer. He would! I didn’t do that I mean I placed the sponges but you just… you get a bucket of water and put it back It’s not that big of an issue. Yea, you just get a bucket of water and you put it back. It’s not… it’s really not that big of an issue. You’re acting like I’m the cause of world hunger. No I’m not! Ethan *Heavy breathing again like move back from the mic-* Hello? 😀 Can I help you? No. NO! D’:😀 you’ve– fallen into my trap card look at the building surrounding your Prison. Well, at least it was on when I set the side of the dam on fire. So that’s all gone. ’cause I went in the Nether. No. Through the portal! Duuuh *Minecraft lessons with UnstoppableLuck ;D* I just I went through the portal All by myself! Well that’s good ’cause Right when you went in I actually- *giggles* Uh-huuhh I have all the privileges. ;D I didn’t do it, Ethan did. smh, goodbye world- ‘Cause you had auto-save on Yeah I know, It’s great isn’t it? What’s that even Mean? Ethan, do you wanna join a world with you in it? Like, one of your worlds? NOPE. Why? You could just turn his fricken p-privileges off. You can’t put all the blame on me. It was clearly Ethan. Yeah, it was clearly when you were spawning Withers Blowing up everything… And it was kinda- it was kinda clear when… as he said it saved and you were like, “Yas.” Bleghghghsagh (What the…) Well I was excited because all my hard work Will be saved. No, I- Did you see the structure I built? It was amazing! W-well, i-it was like i-it was sorta like uh… Unfinished cross? but on top of it I put- Three… Uh.. Skulls on top? and it just turned to this magnificent beast. :3 Why’re you tryin’ to put all the blame on me? No, I put- I place down the sponge Aaaand Spawned the Withers! I did nothing wrong. Whoa wait Oh, you think I blew up the world! Oh that’s funny *haha* That was Ethan Yeah it was. Then how come only your structures were blown up? Yeaaa…? You said… You said, “How come only mah- how come none of your buildings are blown up?” Whoa, I mean that’s because He was the one blowing up the buildings Yeaaaaa..? Yeaaaah that’s how it wooorks. It wasn’t me, I placed down the sponge and I did the Withers I can admit to what I did but he can not admit to what he did. That’s because you were trying to imprison me! That’s ’cause you were trying to imprison me and take away my freedom. I didn’t… oh f… I’m eh human being. I’mina min humanum bein- no. Maybe. Yes. ._. Ok, then Join. It won’t let me! Once again that wasn’t me. That was Ethan. I wasn’t in creative Nuh-uuuh you were in creative Oh yeah!! I’ve seen this on a download before. 😀 This is on a download (the cake probably was a lie-) Yeah this is d- this is a download world. and there’s two- there’s like three jails Download world… I didn’t destroy the last one Noooo I did nothing wrong in the last world -3- I did nothing wrong. like teleporting Withers or like spawning Withers isn’t a big deal– Teleporting Withers. Ha. That wasn’t me. Well, yeah, the Withers were. What’s wrong with Withers? :v Um… they… t- skimmed the top of the water? Wheeee I don’t want the oxygen, I don’t except it into my new life style. *Little Mermaid movie moments intensify* Under the seaaa~ Under the seaaaa~ Under the seaaa~ Not under the sea anymore~ because I’m not a whore under the sea~ *music ends* I didn’t break it Iii don’t wanna get banned from Xbox. I’m not a hacker… Shut up! stop degrading mah pEOPLE. No you’re a… nugget. Hey How come Josh is banned? Josh is no longer banned. I unbanned him. No I unbanned him- (Guy cuts in and is all like; I un-bandaided him.) I unbanned him I removed his I removed his- u- ban… name off the banned list (Voice collision about the topic)–There’s a banned list? Yeah, there’s a little sign that says banned and had Josh underneath it and then I broke the name Josh, so Josh is unbanned… Yeah. 😛 Uh, ’cause you’re hOMOPHOBIC. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything… I did nothing wrong! no… I didn’t do anything. Oh, I- I think That was during hide and seek. So it must’ve- it must’ve been the other Ethan. who was looking for us. *Garsp :U* Why would you tell me that? 🙁 That’s not nice… No that was your- that was the other Ethan who suggested it. I just simply went along with it. No… you suggested it and then you were just like, “Bruh.” -3- I’m Canadian. (Cool Story bro) *Gasp* Do I hear Chickens? :v Don’t worry! Momma’s comin’ Mama’s comin Mama’s comin *Procedes to pelt and punch the chickens :’3* I save you I save you! (RIP bertem #2) Mama’s comin {Bad} Momma’s comin. I just killed a lot of the chickens (You murderer-) I didn’t destroy any of them. I wa- m- I was saving them They were all trapped there I was t- I was tryin’ ta set them free. Mama’s comin’ chickens- Mama’s comin’ I know, I set them free No, I set them free. –Nothing in there You can’t break my spirit. There’s some stuff in here. Like all those eggs. I was setting them free *Sad noises in the background* Wait, that means that you have all the crap from the Mcdonalds (Wat?) If your fricken inventory full Is full to not pick up the eggs Uh-huuh. I do. Mama’s comin’ No, I’m surfing up the- The-the… the crater I made in the lake. *shhhewwww* (Epic Sound effects brought to you by; UnstoppableLuck.) Yeah I know, I said I placed down the sponge. Uh, I didn’t place the TNT. That’s a- some stuff Yeaa. Ethan Bradberry? Ethan Bradberry? Ethan put a hole in Ethan’s house. Ethan put a hole, in Ethan’s house. I saw him do it (x2) Don’t use my slave name, you racist. I’m escaping, look how far away I am from the village. Heeey… :T *deeP BREATHING AGAIN* I didn’t prepare for this. Yeah but you broke my boat! You know how long it took me to make that? I didn’t put shit stains in it, I put sponge in it There’s a difference. (what the heck are you talking about kid-) No I’m not. –calling me shitstain just because of the color of my skin You’re racist. You’re judging the color of my skin just by the sound of my voice You’re racist. I could believe it- ’cause I’m nOT RACIST LIKE YOU ARE What? You mean… You mean the N-word? Oooh, ok. *let the laughing commence* I mean you’re naiveness Doesn’t let you believe that the other Ethan destroyed it. but y’know whatever… .-. I saw him do it! (x2) I saw him do it (x2) I sthaw dem do it I staw.. Oooo- Oh never mind. No- We need to be here for dis. We have to like watch him like a hawk Whos’ watching me right now then? I’m not watching you (lIESSS) That’s why I need Ethan. Ethan Bradberry? [Inaudible ._.] I’ve escaped once more. I saw him do it- Oh- Oh just fantastic. I told you it was Ethan doing all the lava and stuff this whole time. I didn’t do anything. Yes, because you turned fire spreads on I saw him do it. (x2) He turned it on before he left. Well did I turn on fire spreads? No I can’t. Did you turn on fire spreads? EXACTLY. Because it wasn’t ME doing the griefing It was Ethan. Told you. But I didn’t turn on fire spreads Yeah, exactly so who did? It wasn’t me. It wasn’t you. Guess who it was! *laughter once again* Exactly! :U I saw him do it- I saw him do it I saw him do it I saw him do it (x2) I saw him do it. :I What can I- what else say? I saw him do it. Yeah. I saw him do it, I told you Ethan gave it to me before he left. Before he turned on fire spreads. I saw him do it! (x2) I saw him do it! (x2) Oh yeah, the lava was definitely him How could I have done all of that? He did the lava and then he turned on fire spreads. What’s all this Redstone do? Hopefully this stuff’s not important ;D Have you checked my gamemode recently? Ethan Bradberry? What do you mean? You don’t know who Ethan Bradberry is? Oh, sad life. I saw him do it! I saw him do it! *BURP* I did see him do it. Um, I never said I was Canadian. You assumin’ I’m Canadian just ’cause I like maple syrup? I think that’s racist of you. You think I’m Canadian just because of the multi-c Cultural country and I would fit in as an African-American? Hey that’s Racist. I don’t appreciate that. Why would you hack me? I’m such a swell guy. What, you think I’m poor just because of the color of my skin? I say, I say that’s racism. That is pure racism right there. *theme gradually gets louder-* *let the dancing begin lmao*

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  1. “'Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.”
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  2. Normal people: hi I ride a Range Rover to work and I am a lawyer

    Nick: hi I drive a pig with a saddle to work and I ruin friendships for a living 😂😂

  3. I love how even when Nick can no longer grief they somehow find a way to do it themselves and still be clueless as to who’s doing it.

  4. 7:40
    You shit cake
    plus, why did you blow up someone's world's?
    I also like when you said "I don't know what the tnt shit is"

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