Grind Any Stump Anywhere – Ventrac KC180 Stump Grinder – Simple Start

My name’s Aaron Graber. In this video
we’ll go over the Ventrac stump grinder. The Ventrac stump grinder has an 18 inch
cutting head with 16 individual carbide cutting teeth. All of those teeth are
replaceable and adjustable. It also comes with a convex mirror so that the operator can see safely and easily what’s going on in front of them. The stump grinder is a great example of how Ventrac pushes the limits of versatility
at just over 28 inches wide 33 inches long this stump grinder is even more
compact and a walk-behind stump grinder. But couple it with a Ventrac 4500
tractor and it’s just as capable as other commercial options. There’s some other distinct advantages
of this stump grinder that are worth mentioning. The Ventrac is a very turf friendly tractor so when you’re using this tractor and stump grinder
combination you’re much less likely to tear up the ground you’re working on.
This is great on nice lawns or in other areas where you don’t want to leave a
mess when you’re done. Also since it’s on the Ventrac you have
the ability to get very close to obstacles or buildings and grind stumps
since the tractors compact and maneuverable. Belt drive is a clear advantage in this
application because you don’t have to worry about breaking shear pins or
building excess heat with hydraulic drive. If you come up to an obstruction
the belt can slip and you can back off before it does any damage. Most people know the Ventrac very well
for its ability to operate on steep slopes and with a stump grinder it’s no
different. You can grind stumps on hills that other machinery couldn’t even get
to. Another convenience for commercial users of this setup is that you have a
very high transport speed of up to ten miles an hour. This allows you to get
from site to site much quicker than other stump grinders
of this same capability. The Stump grinder consists of two separate components the cutting head and the mirror kit. These brackets are bolted to
the tractor and they allow the mirror kit to be added or removed in a matter of
seconds. The mirror kit is also adjustable specific
to the operator. That adjustment is made here. The stump grinder has a jack stand
located right here that is used for positioning the hitch arms when
attaching or detaching from the power unit. Make sure the jack stand is in one
of the two lower positions when attaching or detaching and raised up
into the highest positions when actually in use. To operate the stump grinder make
sure the tractor is in low range and then once you have the PTO running and
the cutting head is spinning pull up to the stub make contact with it and then
use the tractor steering left and right to sweep passes against the stump. As you progress you’ll keep driving forward until you’re done grinding this stump. To
control the depth and how aggressive you are with the stump grinder you’ll adjust
with your SDLA lever. When it comes to weight transfer this is
one attachment that you won’t run and float the stump grinder will work in any
setting. This stump grinder is used and
appreciated by golf courses, municipalities, schools, landscape
contractors, and even homeowners. It’s another great addition to your Ventrac fleet to make your tractor the most capable it can possibly be. Thanks for watching this video on the Ventrac stump grinder for more information or to
schedule demo visit our dealer locator page or product page on our website at

12 thoughts on “Grind Any Stump Anywhere – Ventrac KC180 Stump Grinder – Simple Start

  1. Another great video ventrac can’t wait to see another Monday Morning Minute video. I also didn’t realize that there was a mirror on the grinder so the operator can see the rotor as it grinds the stump.

  2. Is the tractor limit of 30 degrees (dual wheels) the same when using the stump grinder? I have many small stumps, most at or under 8” diameter, on a 24 degree hill. Would I need the Kawasaki engine for the lubrication? While grinding stumps it would be operating in the same position for longer than 10 minutes. I am enjoying the recent videos describing the different accessories. Nice job!

  3. I've found that working on large stumps (bigger than the radius the tractor can sweep past, say 30"?) eventually I get to the point where the housing and guards of the grinder hang up on some part of the stump and progress becomes difficult. Any tricks to make this go easier? Ground one stump for 2 hours… it was enormous and sprawling. Ventrac continues to impress.

  4. How many times would I have used this, more than i can remember, plus there's at least 6 i can think of to grind right now. If there was a rental yard with this equipment, we'd have already done it.

  5. The Monday Morning Minute video is a great idea, especially for us neophyte Ventrac owner/operators. Could you please discuss, when operating the Tough Cut, at what rpms the motor should run? Thank you.

  6. Im having trouble burning though belts, I try and be very methodical in my approach. I engage the PTO when the pulleys are parallel, working on level ground, not being aggressive with my depth or pressure. I have burned through 2 belts on "24 eastern white pine. Stumps are flush cut low, I keep the work area clean w a buffalo blower, my chips are clean and consistent. Over all am very impressed with the machine and other attachments but am having trouble with the grinder and productivity. Any thoughts?

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