Grizzly Highlights: 2015 Grizzly Baseball

[Music] Announcer: Ty Abbot follows up with a deep fly
ball to right field Turns on it, and it is out of here. [Cheers] Announcer: Comes with the delivery across his body. coming home is Hodorowski. He’ll steal home. Abbott. Touch ’em all, son. My goodness, a no-doubt-about-it solo home run He sat all over that fastball and that might be one of the farthest home runs he’s hit here at the Grizzly baseball complex. Announcer: Delivers. Paschal. Base hit into right field. Are you kidding me? Timmerman, he touches third, coming to the plate. He’ll score. The glory goes to the Grizzlies. Fastball grounder to short, and he bobbles it and the Grizzlies win. Grizzlies win. Ernesto Vazquez comes home and scores the winning run. Jared Woods is being mobbed out between first and
second base and the Grizzlies have knocked off the number one Faulkner Eagles.

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