Growing Bolder at the National Senior Games: Badminton, Volleyball and Pole Vaulting

(energetic music) – [Marc Middleton] This
is a Growing Bolder at The National Senior Games
update presented by Humana. – Boy we’ve had a great morning here at the Albuquerque
Convention Center where we watched both
badminton and volleyball. We saw men and women, singles, teams, mixed doubles
all having a great time and sending a very
powerful message about what’s possible as we age. – It’s not really about
competition in my mind it’s a matter of being able
to keep your body going, keep your exercise going and meeting a lot
of wonderful people. – I’ll tell ya, I
had a knee replaced, two shoulder surgeries and it proves that you still
can do anything you want to do. (whistle blowing)
– [Man] Go get ’em! – (team shouting) – Just keep moving
and have a good time and you can do
whatever you want. (upbeat guitar music) (Woman cheering) (whistle blowing) (music continues) – Of course this is not the
only venue here in Albuquerque that’s got
competition under way. It’s happening everywhere. In fact, let’s head to the
University of New Mexico track where Bill Shafer
has the lowdown on a major showdown
in the pole vault. Billy? – Oh my gosh, I tell you what. We are watching one of the
most difficult competitions that there is and we’re with two of the
best who are doing it. Phil Milliman, how
are you doing Phil? – Doing pretty well, thank you. – How’s it going for you today? – Ah pretty good,
made my first jump. Got a few more to go I hope. – A little disappointing, you gotta keep bringing
this guy up with you right? – I know, I tried to drag
him with me. (laughs) – And this guy of
course, Brad Winter. – Brad, I tell you
what, from Albuquerque, one of the guys that
helps pull this event off. Phenomenal job. This is so interesting. Of all of the events
you guys could have done why pole vaulting? – Just been doing
it all my life. It’s something
that I just enjoy. It’s like a lifestyle. – And Phil, how about you? I mean, is it one of
the hardest events? Was I correct? – That’s kind of why I do it. I think pole vaulting
combines strength, speed, skill, brains,
physics, you name it. And that’s why, I think
both of us like to do it on into our older ages. Always something
you can improve. (upbeat music) (crowd applauds) (crowd cheers) (crowd cheers loudly) (crowd cheers and applauds) – These guys are the best and you could be too. – Thank you, Mr. Shafer. From one of the most
technical sports in the entire world,
pole vaulting, to the fastest-growing
sport in the entire world. I can’t tell ya
what that sport is because we’re gonna show it
to you tomorrow, right here. We’ll see you then. (energetic music)

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