Guinness world record 2016 longest badminton marathon (25 hours)

Reutte in Tyrol In a life of every athlete comes a moment of truth Badminton Guinness world record 2016 Yes, what i want to say is that the chairman Thomas Frick came to us with this idea to break the world record regarding with the 20th anniversary After that we underwent some tests and then we prepared ourselves. The club requested to participate in such event we were considering doing it for years now It came to Robert and me personally if we could work on it the executive reacted in a positive way In the end we were all pulled into this with these two athletes after undergoing sport physical examinations etc. to be well prepared for this event Its all about endurance and my personal opinion is that training correctly for such an event doesn’t really exist you just perform it once, and you either achieve it or or you don’t About 15 years ago we became aware of the club through our Uncle Alexander Paulweber who was there since the beginning and yes we looked into it then became inspired by it Of course we are all excited about it hoping that it will be a success Especially for those two young guys I wouldn’t have any doubts about if they can make it happen

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