Gulls All Access – Episode 4

Andy Zilch: The Gulls join the
fight against cancer and we’ll introduce you to a
member of the Gulls who has an inspiring story. Emily Harlan: The Gulls made
history on the ice on a night when two brothers faced
off against each other. Andy: And an educational trip
to the world-famous San Diego Zoo as one of the Gulls
gets behind the scenes. Emily: We have that and more now
on “Gulls All-Access.” ♪♪♪ male: For Carrick,
wraparound, scores! ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ male: Shoots, scores!
The sell-out crowd comes alive. Emily: Hello, everyone;
I’m Emily Harlan with Andy Zilch and we are here
at the Rady Children’s Ice Rink at Liberty Station. Andy: Each season the hockey
world unites and chips in on the fight against cancer. Emily: It’s called
“Hockey Fights Cancer.” The initiative is designed
to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. Here’s a look at what the Gulls
did on that special evening. Emily: The Gulls donned a
different look for “Hockey Fights Cancer Night:” they wore
purple in honor of the evening. Andy: Each fan was given a
“Hockey Fights Cancer” card to write down the name of a
loved one affected by cancer. Emily: Then, during the game,
there was a moment of awareness when fans raised those cards
to honor those individuals. male: Fans, the San Diego
Gulls have teamed up with the American Cancer
Society to fight cancer. We now ask that anyone affected
by cancer please stand up and show your support for the
American Cancer Society. Andy: Following the game,
the Gulls’ special jerseys were auctioned off to raise
money for cancer research. Dennis Johnston: I got Ryan
Johnston and my last name is Johnston to that
made it appealing. I have about–this’ll be jersey
number 33. Well, you know,
this jersey was $320. Most of my jerseys range from
$500 to a little over $1000. It was a great bargain for
me and it’s a great new collection item, so. Roxanne Cahill: I got Stolarz. He’s been having great games and
I really like the way he plays. Roxanne: Look at him,
he took some– female: There you go. Roxanne: It’s amazing.
It’s a great cause. I love the foundation.
I love the work they do. It’s gonna help with the cancer
and try to get a cure. Emily: From the ice to the
auction, all are hopeful that hockey’s contribution
to fighting cancer can somehow lead to a cure. male: Turns on the Jets,
on the far wing. Shoots, scores! Andy: On Hockey Fights Cancer
Night the Gulls were proud to honor a season-ticket holder and
a member of their family, Ashley Keenberg who is
still battling cancer. Emily: The team invited her
behind the scenes on game day, honored her with a video
tribute, and she even got to drop the ceremonial puck. Ashley was kind enough
and courageous enough to share her story with us. Ashley Keenberg: It’s hard,
you know, to get the initial diagnosis and to, like,
comprehend what’s going on and, like, yeah, your life’s gonna
change but, like, some days I’m sad or, like, I don’t feel like
doing much but, like, if I know there’s a game going on, like,
it actually, like, gives me a purpose to leave my house
and, like, get out and go do something that just totally
distracts me from, like, my reality
for a little bit. Kevin Dineen: How are ya?
Ashley: Good, how are you? Kevin: Awesome,
you can come join us here. male: Nice! Ashley: Yep. Kevin: Pietila, “Pie,”
Sammy, Chase, Wides, Hak, and Stolarz in net,
opening line-up. Ashley: Sounds good. Kevin: You got the opening
lineup tonight, all right? Kevin: Boys, here we go.
Where are you, Sam? You got a little
something here, Sam? Sam Carrick: Yeah, actually just
on behalf of the guys here we want you to know that
we’re with you in this fight and we’re so happy to have
you here tonight, so. [team applauding] Got you a little something.
Get you to throw that on there. Throw it on, eh? Sam: You got it?
Ashley: Yeah, thank you. [team cheering] Kevin: I don’t have much to
say but, you know what, you’ve gotta get somebody
there, all right? That’s who we’ve got to fight
for here tonight, all right? Ash, you got the
starting lineup. Here we go. Ashley: All right, starting
tonight’s gonna be Pie, Sammy, Chase, Wides, Hak,
and Stolarz in net. Kevin: There you go, boys.
Good job. Thank you, all right?
That was awesome. Ashley: I’ve been a Gulls
fan since I was a little kid. It’s become like a obsession for
me, kind of like. I love the fundamentals of the
game and, you know, when you get a good team like we have and,
like, get to know them on and off the ice, like,
it’s really cool. Like, you can connect with
players and stuff like that and they’re just nice people. And just how intertwined the
Gulls organization has become into San Diego and, like, how
they incorporate their fans in everything and just the unity
between fans and players and the team and, you know,
the organization, like, I think that you don’t find
that a lot of places, especially like in other
hockey leagues and especially not the NHL or
anything like that. Like, it’s just so special, the
connection that we have between us and the organization. male: Gulls fans, it is now time
for our ceremonial puck drop. Please welcome Gulls
season-ticket holder and cancer survivor,
Ashley Keenberg. All right, Ashley, whenever
you’re ready, drop that puck. male: Once again, ladies and
gentlemen, Ashley Keenberg with our ceremonial puck drop. Ashley: And good luck tonight. Ashley: And I’ve met so many
people from just coming to games and, like, being assimilated
into everybody and, like, they’ve become such a close
part of, like, my life now. I love knowing that everybody
was, like, actually genuinely, like, worried about me and,
like, they cared how I was doing and so, like, that to me,
like, means a lot, like, more than they
probably ever know. male: Gulls fans, please welcome
to the game Gulls season-ticket holder and cancer survivor,
Ashley Keenberg. Ashley: It’s just overwhelming,
the amount of, like, support I had the summer
since, like, I found out that I had cancer again. They’re awesome people. I mean, like, everybody has,
like, reached out to me and, like, tried to figure
out–find out if I was okay. They would go, contact my
girlfriend to find out if I was doing okay. Like, they wanted to come see
me, come, you know, and just find out how I was doing and so
that’s what keeps me coming back to games over
and over again. I try to be positive and
have, like, a good outlook on everything, you know, just
take it one day at a time. It might not be easy but
you’ll get through it. Emily: The Gulls, Ashley’s
entire seating section, and hundreds more are rooting for
her to make a full recovery. Emily: Coming up, it’s a
battle of brothers as the Gulls’ captain faces an
opponent from his own family. “Gulls All-Access”
will be right back. ♪♪♪ Emily: Here’s a great gift
for the hockey fan in your life. The Gulls Holiday Pack includes
two tickets to three games, a Gulls stocking, and
holiday card set. To order, go to Andy: The San José Barracuda
recently came to town and it was a family affair. Emily: Gulls’ captain, Sam
Carrick, faced off against his younger brother, Trevor, who
is a defenseman for San José. Andy: But it wasn’t just
the brothers. The parents were in
the arena as well. John Carrick: We’re pretty
excited ’cause they haven’t really played against each other
in a number of years so this is fun that they’re both in the
Pacific Conference and it’s gonna be
exciting and we’re gonna get some good road trips
out of it, so. male: First, like, get close. Trevor Carrick:
You get skinnier? Is your head getting bigger? John: Got four–we’ve got
four boys so they have an older brother that started playing
Triple A and he was the one that went to the OHL,
and the other boys all kind of followed
in behind him. And so all four have played in
the OHL, and they all grew up on their grandpa’s farm playing
pond hockey and every Christmas when, you know, if they make
it home we always have a little game out there if
the pond’s frozen, so. Trevor: That’s gotta
be good, heh? Sam: Oh yeah,
soda after the game. Maybe a soda or two? Trevor: –here?
Sam: Oh yeah, oh yeah. Jane Carrick: So we used
to team up the oldest to the youngest, and the two middle
together so Sam and Trevor were always partnered together
when they played ball hockey. So there was not a lot of
competition; they were always on the same team. John: But they were always
competitive in the OHL and with their older brother and
their younger brother, so. Jane: Well, you got one
that’s playing forward, one playing defense, so it
happens a lot, all right? They’re constantly, like, in
each other’s faces and, yeah, I just–sometimes I have
to just kind of– John: We enjoy it.
Long as they don’t fight, heh? Sam: Or is it–it’s not
to you, right? male: Not to you?
Sam: No, no. male: No, you’re taking it.
Yeah, not to me. Jane: I’d say Sam’s got more
of a leadership-type role whereas Trevor, I’d put him
more as, like– John: Well, they have different
leadership styles, I guess. Jane: Different leadership
styles but Sam’s got that true leadership style
and, yeah, Trevor just is a
hardcore competitive– John: Yeah, he’s played the
captain role before in junior hockey and so I think
he’ll make a good captain and help the younger
players out, so. Trevor: Yeah, Boyle. John: Yeah, Jane says it’s
kind of surreal so, well, we’re really lucky that we can get
out here and enjoy it, so. Looking forward to it tonight. Jane: We’re proud of them. Great city for the kids to
be playing in, both, between San José and San Diego. Like, how good does
that get, right? Great fans and just
a great place to be. male: In on a breakaway,
Carrick scores! Andy: That game against
the San José Barracuda was much more than
a family reunion. Emily: That night, Sam
Carrick became the first player of the AHL Gulls franchise to
score a hat-trick at home as San Diego filled the
net with nine goals. male: Stay outside, boys. male: Kloos in, shoots. One minute, twelve seconds
and Justin Kloos gets the Gulls a one to nothing lead. male: That’s it, boys. male: He’ll work it down low.
Scores! Alex Broadhurst, three straight
games with a point. male: This guy scores
highlight reel goals only. male: To Lundestrom, cross ice,
Carrick shoots, scores! 3-2, Sam Carrick
with a rifle. male: In on a breakaways,
Carrick scores, his second of the night. male: Whoo! Sam: Good job, boys.
Yep. male: To Kloos down low,
Carrick scores. male: Get those hats out. male: Yeah, baby! [cheering] male: The first hat-trick in
San Diego by a Gulls player in their American
League history. male: Rebound, they score.
Alex Dostie makes it 6-3. male: Kiefer Sherwood
in the clear. Scores! male: Justin Kloos
shoots, scores! Eight to three! male: To De Leo, scores! Nine goals for San Diego, the
most in their five-year history. Andy: Does it make that
hat-trick even more special to know that your family’s in
the crowd to witness it? Sam: Yeah, for sure. I mean, they watch every game,
you know, whether it’s, you know, the next morning on the
East Coast time but, you know, to have ’em down here, they only
come visit us a couple of times a year so it’s always fun to,
you know, play in front of them and, you know, any time that,
you know, they’re in the crowd, it’s always fun to, you know,
make them proud and get the win, obviously. And you know, for Trevor, tough
night tonight for him but, you know, we play these guys, I
dunno, nine or ten more times so, you know, lots
more hockey to play. Emily: Andy, the Gulls are
really turning around after that 0 and 6 start, including
that 9-goal game and a team record, 8 wins,
in November. What has been the difference? Andy: Well, I think the team
just getting that chemistry that we talked about last
episode, and then getting the monkey off their
back as well. Getting that first victory,
getting in the motions of playing hockey consistently. They didn’t have many
consecutive games during that first month of October and then
once you get into November you see the stretch of
six games in nine nights and then most recently,
three games in four nights. That paved way for a lot of
success, a lot of chemistry, and a lot of building off of
their former opportunities. Emily: Some leaders
lead by example. Sam Carrick’s hat-trick
is an example of that. How would you describe his
leadership style so far? Andy: Well, that, also leading
by example but he’s also a kind of guy who’ll go in. He’ll show everyone
what to do, he’ll speak up, he’ll get opinions
from other players. Emily: Looking ahead as
we move into December, what needs to happen for
the Gulls to be able to continue their
success in November? Andy: Well, I don’t think
this schedule’s really helped this team much. You know, we had that six and
nine but then you also have a long lay off where you
have one game in a week. And that’s happened
two different occasions. So the team’s
practicing very hard. There’s been some tough
practices early on in the week. Head Coach Kevin Dineen’s
making sure the team stays on top of it, stays in that
game mentality. I think that’s gonna be the
biggest focus and then obviously translating
that into the game. Emily: Thanks, Andy. Well, coming up, is not
your normal trip to the zoo. Chase De Leo takes you inside
the enclosures to get up close and personal with the animals. Chase De Leo: I think being
able to feed them and get that up close to them
is pretty special. Andy: And the Gulls are
always in the community spirit. This time, they’re downtown
serving meals to kids in need of a break. We’ll be right back. Emily: Welcome back. Hockey fans, you can catch
our next edition of “Gulls All-Access”
December 19 at 3:30 p.m. right here on Fox 5. Andy: Being a professional
hockey player has its perks. Just ask forward Chase De Leo. Emily: Recently, he got the
chance to go behind the scenes and into some enclosures at
the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Rick Schwartz: Morning, Chase. Chase: Morning.
How’s it going? Rick: Going really well, man.
Heard it’s your day off. Chase: Yes, it is. Rick: And I’ve also heard that
you grew up on a family farm? So on your day off I’m
gonna put you to work. Do you wanna be
keeper for the day? Chase: Let’s do it.
Rick: All right, cool. Rick: Chase, our first stop
is gonna be giraffe for you and I’m gonna hand you off
to our keeper Erica here. Chase: Perfect.
Hi, Erica. Rick: Erica, Chase.
Chase, Erica. Chase: Nice to meet you. Erica: Welcome, we’re excited to
have you here with our giraffe and get the breakfast
ready for ’em. Chase: This is so cool. Erica: Oh, they’re
all so amazing. You’re gonna love it. So they’re known as
the watchtowers of the Savannah. So, for them,
they’re very observant. They really don’t miss anything. So, obviously, you know,
we didn’t get you set up in the khaki so they know
that someone new is hanging out in
here with them. ♪♪♪ Chase: Oh, I can’t wait. Erica: What we were trying
to do here was challenge the giraffe, right, so they’ve got
these holes they have to reach their tongue through
and grab the treat. ♪♪♪ Chase: I’ll give you
a bigger one. Rick: So what did you think
of one of the tallest mammals? Chase: It was incredible. It was the coolest thing
I’ve ever done, I think. Being able to feed them
and get that up close to them was
pretty special. Rick: Just now, from your
experience with the giraffe, that one-on-one moment is
really kind of special. Chase: Yeah, definitely. Rick: And our goal in
offering that in certain areas of our facilities is that if
we can really get the guests to fall in love with the animal,
feel that connection, the next thing they usually ask is, you
know, “Are they endangered?” or “How can I help?” And we do conservation all
around the world so it’s one of those opportunities we see
that if we can help foster that connection in reconnecting
people and wildlife that they’re gonna join us in our
conservation efforts. So that’s one of our big goals. female: We’re gonna go,
meet some of our koala colony. Chase: Perfect. female: We have the largest
collection of koalas outside of Australia here
at San Diego Zoo. So we have lots
of mouths to feed. Chase: Perfect. female: So all of our joeys
this year were born, like, three weeks apart: April 1,
April 7, and April 18. Super important for us to know
that the joey is gaining weight and we can tell that it’s eating
and it’s healthy, you know, in that respect, of course. Definitely getting its
belly full with Mom here. Chase: This is incredible. female: Enjoy the rest
of your keeper day. Chase: Thank you.
Nice meeting you. Rick: One of the things that
I hope you get out of your visit today, being a keeper for
the day, not just the care and keeping of our wonderful
animals but also understanding that there’s a lot more
than just the zoo. I think a lot of people don’t
necessarily realize but I think you’re finding out and will find
out more, the idea of the modern zoo is really where conservation
starts and we’re able to do so much for these species based
here at the zoo but also then all of our conservation we’re
doing around the world as well. ♪♪♪ Emily: It looks like Chase
had a good time. We’ll see more of his visits
with some very interesting animals on the next
edition of “Gulls All-Access.” Andy: But on a more serious
note, the San Diego Gulls donated their time and visited
a shelter to reach out to homeless youth ages 18 to 25. Matt Savant: We’re at the Urban
Street Angels here in downtown San Diego and this
is just kind of part of our bigger mantra to make sure
that we’re connecting with the San Diego community. Eric Lovett: All of our youth
are homeless and also deal with mental health issues. Most of all, it’s getting ’em
productive so to help ’em in their IDs or any documentation
they may have lost or need. We get ’em into school full-
or part-time, jobs full- or part-time. And once they get out of our
program we get ’em into long-term housing
or we connect them to the healthy family that
some of them may have. Justin Kloos: They seem to be
able to, you know, bounce their situation off each other and
I think that’ll help them, you know, in the long
run with whatever they got going on
in their lives. Matt: It’s just a way to give
back and kind of connect with some of the
good folks here. Eric: The food was amazing
but I think it’s good for our youth as well because they get
to interact with players and people that they’ve never
rubbed shoulders with, and talk to them,
ask questions. Teaching ’em hope, teaching ’em
sustainability, that they can do it, that they’re not
losers, that they can make it. A lot of times they’ve been told
that they can’t for some reason,
but they can. Matt: I’m proud of being part
of this community and I’m really proud that our players are
willing to give back this way. Andy: Many of the Gulls
players enjoy golfing but this outing features a little
bit of a different spin. Emily: We followed a group of
the Gulls players as they were tested by Petco Park’s
unique nine-hole layout. male: All right, guys, ready?
One, two, three. Awesome. male: There we go, let’s go. male: Could be good. male: Ooh, lots of draw. male: That’s good. male: That was a double play. Luke Gazdic: Yeah,
that’s not gonna work. male: Shake it off. male: Dude, this
is actually sick. male: Can I throw
the hat on at some point? Andy: These guys are competitive
so what began as a night out for fun
became a competition. male: He’s got a pitching wedge.
Adjusted yardage of 120 yards. Luke Gazdic. Luke: Get back. male: It wants to.
male: Takes one hop. Luke: Home run.
“Touch ’em all Luke.” That was the 8-iron. Touched ’em all.
I’m a joke. Emily: The putting competition
heated up but, unfortunately for Luke Gazdic, it didn’t count
in the final results. male: He’s got the line now.
He’s got the line now. ♪♪♪ male: Oh, man! Luke: There we go.
Thanks, boys, appreciate you. male: Let’s have
a good finish here. male: All right,
what do we got? Luke: Chris and Alex are
tied right now for the lead. It’s come down to the
ninth hole right here. That’s gonna work. Andy: After nine holes,
just one proud Gull could be deemed champion. Chris Wideman: Honestly, the
key was just kind of going last and getting a read off the other
guys so a couple of hundy, for sure, some free Sonic
on the way home here. Unfortunately, I’m driving so
I’ve gotta drop everyone off so I’ll drink my milkshake
on the way home, I guess. male: Boys, it’s been
a pleasure. It’s been a pleasure. male: Great round, boys. male: Yeah, great round,
guys, yeah. Luke: Thank you. Emily: I’m sure we’ll catch
the guys on a more normal golf course later in the season to
see if Chris can hang on to his title as
Gulls Golf Champ. Andy: That’s all we
have for this edition of “Gulls All-Access.” For the cast and crew, Emily
Harlan; my name’s Andy Zilch. Thanks for watching
“Gulls All-Access.” [chuckling] Emily: Champion. …

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