Gummy Candy vs Real Hide & Seek Challenge!!! GIANT GUMMI FOOD!

eyes rolled your stuff because we were
doing a video earlier and we’re gonna do filmy versus real and tiny think at the
same time the shop the shut excuse me the Shot of the Yeagers told us to do gummy versus real hide and go seek eating the gummy and Heidi not the same
time rules alright so for today’s game I’m gonna hide a real someone real
pumpkin and to find them they’re each gonna be wearing a gummy bracelet I’m
gonna wear purple mask it’s got the red pink one when you find your real
Halloween object you’re gonna eat your bracelet when you eat your bracelet the
pumpkin or bat will turn into a giant gummy and then you can eat that
okay little Dorothy let’s hand you on it on and all that smells good no eating it until you find your boo it
says treat mine smells like strawberries your say your says spooky and trims
Jesus trippin yep TR for Trinity and SP Madison all
right who’s ready me down to twenty thirteen sixteen seventeen eighteen
nineteen twenty let’s go find them Jackson let’s split up
you go that way I’ll go this way okay I can’t climb no and hang in there go
check upstairs and go again youtubers no money but guys
I know what my banana and guys go check somewhere else let’s go look at my
bedroom leave its outside let’s check outside it
may be a little dark whoa really dirt I just light on stars well I don’t see
it out here let’s go check inside well it’s not there anywhere guys this
reminds me I find myself last year nope and not there guys I can’t I can’t reach
it yeah and I I got transitive
I told me that I got it hmm good okay I’m gonna go find mine look at dollars
go find mine nothing was upstairs to read minds
downstairs even a lot if you see some Dino lunch like definitely a pumpkin nope not in there there’s nothing in
there let’s go find mine upstairs yeah out here here it is I suspect you
see something got a shot today Strawberry Shortcake man did it didn’t
you hurt the room radial object I ever seen it orange for the pumpkin
black for the eyes noses mouths and stuff
let’s try to buy it hmm Madison the baby and I do yeah it’s just like a little
cupcake I’ve learned it’s all good no idea Pongo
like that honors my dad won’t Matt’s dad you want this mouse oh yeah
I don’t eat all of it it looks pretty big
little boy garden mmm orange but black and colleague the orange better its
mesons I don’t want it better or the black bat a torch mmm what an orange
artful two guys I think I should start doing this more thanks all the jaegers
we’re doing this for tiny this idea it was so fun I just love gummies they like
my favorite one yo he were to come here like that better the bats or the pumpkin
or have you told me black or orange and other comments give me a thumbs up click that subscribe button and turn on notifications I’ll see you guys next time you

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