Hey guys, it’s Karina! It’s Ronald and we
are from Sis versus Bro! And today, we are doing
a video called Gummy versus Real Food Challenge! Part 2! 2.0. So we’re gonna get a dish. One is gonna be real,
and one is gonna be gummy! And we’re gonna take turns
and decide if we want to keep it or switch. So, we are ready
for dish number one! Dish number one is served. I don’t know want– okay. No, this time today,
I have to go first because last time,
>>Okay.>>On the other challenge, you went first.
>>Okay. Go, go, go. I think I’m gonna
keep this one. Oh, no. Three, two, one. Gummy! Yo! I love Watermelon! Oh, yeah, you’re lucky. Well, I got the gummy one
because I don’t like watermelon. I like the real one
better than the gummy, because the gummy has no flavor. It all tastes the same. Are you sure? Well, here’s the watermelon. Wow. Wait.
Oh my god. It did– Black chips
are are gummy too. You could eat one of those. Wait, I think
this one is flavored. I’m gonna try… The red! The red is always the sweetest. Hmm. Is it like watermelon flavor? Mhm. Or is it like cherry? It’s kinda like cherry. Wow. Mmm! Mmm!
That’s good! Yummy! So far, dish number
one was delicious. Chef, where’s
my dish number two? Bring it on. It’s gonna be a frog isn’t it? The dish number two is served. Okay, what do you want to do? No, you pick this time. No, it’s my turn. Oh, I want to switch. Alright. Wait, what? Oh, I have a good
feeling about this. I think it’s gonna be good. Oh, I smell like lettuce. Three, two, one! Yay! Mine is real,
I love corn on the cob! Ew! Some of it’s goopy. Oh! Look at this. All my corn pieces are goopy. Let’s try the white part. Mmm! Mmm? Is that good? It’s pineapple flavor. Eh, I will get to like
pineapple, one day. Just one of those days. I love corn. It’s time for
dish number three. I feel bad about this one. Kids, your dish number
three is ready. Okay. I’m gonna… What do you want to do? I’m gonna keep mine. Okay. I have a really good feeling. One, two, three! Yay! Ew, ew. I’m not eating that. What are those? Ew! What is that? It’s a squid! Oh, but it’s dead? Eww! I’ll take a closer look. Eww, there’s even like tinier pieces,
like tinier octopuses. Ew. I can’t touch it,
it’s too gross. Eww. Eww.
It feels disgusting. Eww! That looks… looks gross.
>>Eww! It’s a stain on me. No, I’m definitely not going to eat
that it’s a raw squid, I mean octopus. I got a gummy one. Can I taste it? Yummy. Much more tastier
than this one. Do you know how I knew
it was a gummy one? I smelled it. It was like the gummy taste. It’s too difficult
to pick up the big one.>>Eww!
>>Eww! Okay. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. No. It’s too much! Dish number four. Alright. I don’t know. Your turn to choose. Eww, I wanna switch. Okay. How does your smell like? It smells awful. Mine’s not awful? No, yours smells awful. Three, two, one! Ew– Yay! Well, that’s funny because I saw
this exact leg in the fridge. It’s a turkey leg. Turkey, turkey, turkey. I got a gummy turkey leg. Can I try some after?>>Okay.
>>Yay. It’s probably cold. Oh, the bone is freezing. I don’t want to eat it. Three two, one! Mmm! Yummy. It tastes like cherry. Mine tastes like meat. Wait, wait! Can I try some of your gummy? Okay. You can try some
of my real one. No. Is it yummy? I love this flavor of gummy. Mine tastes like meat,
I don’t really like it. Mine, taste like cherry. But anyways, time
for dish number five! Dish number five. Okay, it’s your turn. I’m going to… keep mine. Oh, no. Three, two, one! Ew! Ew. I knew it! I knew it! It’s a… It’s a… Eww. I think it might be a heart, and then there are
like things going around it. And yours might be
a turkey heart. Sounds disgusting. This is a pig’s heart and… It looks disgusting. I wouldn’t eat it,
pigs are too adorable to be… for your hearts to be ripped
right out and be eaten. They’re too adorable. It smells gross again. Let me touch. Ew! It’s thought it was gonna taste more– it’s going to feel like more
like a chicken leg, then, not more like, goopy meat. Ew, I never seen a pig’s heart. Can I take it from the side? There’s no place
to take it from. Ah! Ew, okay. That is not good. I’d rather not eat it. That’s what I think of it. And I think you
should wash your hands. Me too. Here is dish number six. Okay, I’m gonna pick… I’m gonna keep mine. Three, two, one!>>Yeah!
>>Ew! What did I– What is that?
>>Ew! What is that? What is this? I got a gummy thingy. Ronald has a tongue,
so I guess has to be a tongue too. Eww! That’s disgusting. It’s so gross! I can’t sniff that thing. It’s like Ronald
farted in this room. Don’t fart, please. Do you want me to, right now? And you will see
the difference. No, don’t. I don’t think
I want to eat this, and I don’t think
I will eat this. It looks disgusting
from any direction. Eww. Eww, there’s even
water at the bottom. Eww, my eyes are hurting. It’s so gross. Eww, It’s all disgusting. I got a normal tongue, I mean gummy tongue. Good thing it wasn’t a human’s tongue
or else that would’ve been disgusting and brutal. Is it slime? The tongue that part isn’t that slimy, in here is really slimy. Okay! I guess I’m gonna
pick it up from here. Eww! This is g– Guys, this is disgusting! Yeah! Oh my god. Guys, he definitely
loves to eat tongues. This is definitely
for him, Ronald. No, no, no, no, no.
>>You should eat it. No, no, no.
I’ll give you the honors to eat the cow’s tongue.
>>No, no, no, no. It’s freshly cooked. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Okay. Mmm-mm! Yummy! Now it’s your turn, Karina. No, thank you. That was dish number six. I hope dish number
seven is good too. Yeah. Definitely,
no more tongues, please. Dish number seven. Alright. I’m gonna… switch. Wait is it my turn to pick? No, it’s my turn. Oh, yeah.
>>Right? Yeah, it’s my turn. Okay. Three, two, one! They’re worms! No wonder they smelled
like nothing. Maybe they’re hungry. Here, I bet you’re
hungry have some food. See? Are they going to it? I think. Yeah, like they’re
having a dance party. They’re at a disco. Imagine like if they
had a mini disco there. I got worms too. Okay, Karina. Are you gonna eat that? No, I’m not gonna eat that. They’re too cute! Karina, you’re not eating anything, you’re gonna be hungry. No, I’m gonna eat all that. One is holding in its little jaws,
you can’t see it, but it actually is. He’s like.
It’s mine, no one’s gonna eat this. They’re all sharing. Sharing is caring! Yeah, you want
to eat all of this? No. He did a back flip! Wow, you’re one
talented little worm. Good bye. Hope you enjoyed your meal. Okay, that was a nice dish. So cute. Alright,
onto dish number eight. Dish number eight. Okay. Oh. Stop sniffing my pot. I pick my own. Three, two, one! Ew! You have to unveil it!
>>What? What is it shells? No, it’s snails. Ew!
It smells. Yeah, it smells. I’d rather have my slug. Wow that looks cute. My slug is awesome. Gummy’s kind of like slippery,
so this is perfect for a slug. Okay, um, I got stinky shells,
which I’m probably not gonna eat. And I got a slug! A gummy slug, what
I probably will eat. No, I can’t. I’m gonna do it. Okay. Take out the snail. Oh, this is hard. How are you gonna do it? Get it out. You don’t need to hide
in there little snail. Make sure it doesn’t
fling on my face. I feel like too many
people are watching me. Get out of here. This dish looks delicious
but I’m just going to pass. Me too. Dish number nine is served. Are you gonna pick? Yeah, I’m gonna pick. Okay. Switch. Three, two, one! Oh! Oh my god. I got a real chocolate bunny! And I have to wait until Easter,
but still I got a gummy one. Okay, I’m gonna rip off
the bunny’s head. I’m gonna die before I get anything. Rip! Rip! You have a long neck, mister. There. Now I want to eat
the bunny’s nose. I bet it has a lot
of boogers in it. Do you taste boogers? Hmm. Mm, yeah it tastes boogers. What should I eat? The eyes. I didn’t get it. You can try the bunny’s butt. Okay. I love chocolate. Here, eat the butt. Break that butt! Two, one, go! Alright, now I have
to eat your butt. There’s a little hole in it. There’s a tiny hole now. We both got something
good for once. So we had some disgusting things,
and we had some yummy things. Over all,
the challenge was good! And a 100% tasty
chocolate butts. What? Just enjoying life right here. Yeah, we both
like to eat butts. So guys, we hope
you liked this video. If you did,
smash that like button! And we’ll see you
all next time. Good bye.

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