Habs surprise local youth, crash ball hockey game

Hey we’re at the Dawson Boys and Girls Club. We’re here to surprise some kids who play in a ball hockey program. We’ll do some skills and a game after. You going to be game-ready today. You ready to shoot some pucks? Buddy, your stick’s backwards. All right, boys. Forehand side. Nice! There you go! Let ‘er fly! Oh! This is going to be your magic stick. Wow, good. This is a big match. Yeah, I’m going to play goalie. Game 7. Oh!! So they just all went to chickens? – No. They evolved into birds. Ohhhh.

13 thoughts on “Habs surprise local youth, crash ball hockey game

  1. don't post anymore vids until you win a game, thx

    The initiative is great of course, keep doing it. Just don't post any vids of the players or management, they should be ashamed to show their faces.

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