Habs take batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays

You’ve got a tiny head.
– Yeah, I know. I know I got a small lid, but… I am ready to go.
I wouldn’t mind a little warm up, though. That’s good advice.
You’re helping me already. Oof. Jeez! Yeah, you know I… might have hyped myself a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. But, it’s fun.
We’re having fun out here. Petey… Petey can obviously swing.
A lot of the guys can’t. Oh! Did he get one? Finally! Yeah… everyone’s, I guess, expecting me to have it,
but hitting was never my strong suit, so… One more. Hold on, hold on. Until I get one.
So I might be here… they might have to delay the game.

14 thoughts on “Habs take batting practice with the Toronto Blue Jays

  1. I love Gallagher!!! He is amazing and it’s so funny how he swung the bat the first time! The players did amazing and I hope they had fun! Love you guys! #GOHABSGO

  2. This is phenomenal! I love the Habs, and I love the Blue Jays! Seeing the Jays and the Habs come together for a little bit of fun is incredible!

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