HACKER GIRL Game Master Hide and Seek NERF BATTLE!

– We have to hide from the Hacker Girl. – Ah, ha, ha! – Run! – Ah, no! – Hide, hide! – I see her! (screaming) (laughing) – I surrender! – Welcome home! We’re already geared up and ready to go for a brand new game here on the Carl & Jinger Family channel. We’re gonna play Game Master Hide and Seek outside, inside, upstairs, and down and we have to hide from the Hacker Girl. It’s gonna be a crazy Nerf
Blaster hide-and-seek challenge. We’re gonna explain the rules right now. – I am Kyle and I protect
my face with a metal plate. – And I am Luke and I am ready
to dodge all the Nerf rounds! (footsteps) – And I’m bicycle Gage! – And I’m cyber Carl! Alright, guys, here’s the rules. We have to start at up
here in the guest house, and then we have to hide-and-seek our way all the way across the back
yard down there hide-and-seeking around the bushes and
around everything to try and get in the house but, here’s the thing. This entire challenge is set
up just like an escape room. There’s three levels of it and three bars of the escape door. In the first round we start up here, we have to make our way
across the backyard, but here’s the thing; we have to coax her into
shooting at us, right? Kaleb, the Hacker Girl has
to fire her ammo and then, what do we do, Luke? – We have to pick up the ammo and we have to return it right here and once we get all six slots filled up we move onto the next
phase of the escape room. – Everybody start thinking
about where they’re gonna hide and how they’re gonna
hide-and-seek our way down there. So here’s the thing, it’s also a verses challenge, so we’re trying not to get hit. Whoever gets hit the least is the winner. We’re gonna have a score tally, so if I get hit five times, oh my gosh, you guys better
hide-and-seek better than me. We have to get passed her, into the house, then from upstairs to downstairs. We’ve gotta unlock all the
bars of the escape room, so we can get out of here. Are you guys ready to do this? – Yeah, let’s do it! – Let’s go! I have no idea where the Hacker Girl is, you guys, this is crazy! Okay, Game Master Hide and Seek, game on! You guys ready? – Yeah! – Alright, so whoever gets
hit the least is the winner, but we have to not be chicken. We have to collect at
least six of them and put them in each slot to (mumbles). – Alright, got it! – Let’s go! She could be anywhere, you guys. Remember we have to coax her into firing, so we can collect six of her ammo. (dramatic music) – I’m gonna see if I can
hide in these bushes. – The kids are just goin’ for it! (dramatic music) – Where did she go? – Maybe she’s over by the patio. – Oh ha, ha, ha! (screaming) – Oh, my gosh! (gun firing) (laughing) – Ah ha, ha! – Hide, hide! We’re gonna have to
trick her circle around! (bell rings) – There’s one right here by you, dad! – You got one, good job! – I don’t see it. (gun firing) – Ah-ha! Oh no! (screaming) (dramatic music) – Oh, my gosh! (exclaiming) (bell rings) – I’m hit! (bell rings)
– Ow! That’s two. I just got hit twice. Ah! (mumbles) Ah! My pants are falling off. (screaming) – Oh no!
(bell dings) No, I got hit! – I got one guys! – I got one, too! – Ah! She’s stalking me! (heavy breathing) – One. Two. – Three. Do you have one? – I got one. – Where is she? (gun firing)
– Ah! There she is. Hacker Girl is creepy! – Let me try to sneak through the bushes. (heavy breathing) (upbeat music) – Ah! She missed me over here. Oh, my gosh! Oh no! She’s out of ammo. – She’s right there. – We won! – Okay, I’m gonna run. (gun firing)
(bell dings) Oh no! She got me right under the chair! (heavy breathing) – I got the last two! – Yeah! – I just heard Kyle, he actually just got the last one of six. Let’s go! There she goes. We made it passed the
first shrine, let’s go! (bar creeks) Oh yeah, check it out! We even got a couple extra! That means the first bar
on the escape room is open. Okay, guys, it’s time for
phase two of the escape room. Are you guys ready? – Yeah! – Alright, so I’ve actually
been hit twice so far. What about you, Kyle? – Zero times actually. – Oh my gosh, zero? – I’ve only been hit once.
– Once? – How about you, Gage?
– Twice. – Twice okay, so me and
Gage have been hit the most. Alright Hacker Girl is in there somewhere. I think we should split up. Somebody wanna go in the other entry way? – I will! – Okay, you will.
– I’ll go in here. – Okay, let’s go! – We got to pick them up. We gotta collect them. Where’s the thing? – It’s right there on the counter. By the flowers. (whispering) (door shuts) (mumbles) – Oh, my gosh where is she? (mumbles) – Where is she? (exclaiming) – Oh! – We got to follow her around! Pick up the ammo! Here she comes! Ah! Run! – Put it in! (gun firing) – Ah, no! (bell dings) – I got hit once! No! – Ah! She’s comin’ this way! (screaming) (gun fires)
(bell dings) (bell dings) – That’s three times for me! – I’ve been hit once! – Ah! (dramatic music) – Oh, that’s four times! (gun fires) (screaming) (laughs) – I surrender! (bell dings) – One, two, three, four. We got five we need one more! – Oh my gosh, one right here! I collected all of them!
– Yeah! Yeah, we did it Hacker Girl! – Okay, that’s the round! – Yes! – You guys, I think I’m
technically the worst at this game, ever. ‘Cause I got hit twice in the last round and in this one she trapped
me in the hallway and I even laid down on the ground and surrendered. So that’s gotta count
like minus five for me. Six, seven, I’m minus seven points now. – Okay, I’ve been hit one time. – One time?
– Yeah. – I’ve been hit twice. – Twice total or– – No, twice total, yeah. – Okay wow, okay–
– Four times. – Four times total?
– Four times. – Okay, so there we go, so the next bar is now
open on the escape room. It’s time to go in the basement! – Let’s do it! (bar creeks) – Alright, we’ve passed it look, you guys can see there’s the escape room. There’s only one bar left
and that’s the only way out. – We can do it! – Are you guys ready?
– Yeah! – Alright, here we go. Were goin’ downstairs, this is the final round. – Gage is so brave! – And we have to remember to
get the ammo and collect it. Which I have terrible at remembering. I have just been good at getting hit and racking up the points– – We’ll use you as our human shield. – Okay, I’m gonna try to
be really quiet this time. – Carl’s already in there. Oh, my gosh. (gun fires) Ah, there she is! (laughing) Now I’m trapped in here. – Gage, you can do it! Go, go, go! – Where’d she go? (screaming) I’m hit! That’s five times! That scared me really bad! – I’m up to seven. Maybe I’ll just hide until I
hear Gage get hit eight times. – I know where she is, though. (dramatic music) – Ah, oh no! (laughing) (screams) – I surrender!
(bell dings) I surrender! (laughing) – Go somewhere else! You’re in my spot! Get out of here! – I surrendered once! (gun shooting) – Ah! (bell dings) I’ve been hit! (gun firing) (dramatic music) (screaming) (bell dings) – That’s five more points for me! (screaming) – Ow, ow! She got me! – Run! – I can’t believe this you guys! She’s totally got me out. She made me surrender two rounds in a row, she totally cornered me. I had the worst hiding spots ever. (dramatic music) – I don’t know where they are, guys. I see her! (screaming) Get the ammo, Gage! (bell dings)
Ah, I got hit! – Where’s the thing? (screaming) – It’s over here! It’s in this hallway! – Okay, I gotta run! Three, two, one! Here goes. (screaming) One, two, three, four. I got it! I got it! – Is that it?
– I got it! (cheering) – That was awesome! – There it is you guys, we did it! It’s the final door the
escape room is complete. We got it all the way opened. We can make our way out! We did it! I think I ended up with something like, 12 points total which is like terrible and I didn’t even return one piece of ammo back to
finish one of the rounds. How did you do Kyle? – So I surrendered
twice and got hit twice, so that means I have four points. – And I only got two points!
– What!? – Yeah! – I only got four points and
that means that Luke won! – Yeah!
– Luke won the whole challenge oh, my gosh that was awesome! I think Kyle did an awesome job. He probably collected the
most ammo and helped us pass the round so that round that counted for something
that was really cool. Maybe you guys like this video, you’re gonna love the other
ones that you see on screen. We’ve done other ones that
are really cool as well click anywhere onscreen to
check those out and subscribe and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye! (cheering)

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