Hales The Hero In Final Over Drama | England v India 2nd Vitality IT20 2018 – Highlights

Koen Morgan managed to do the first thing right? He won the toss and very quickly said we’ll have a bowl That’ll make him feel better He’s trying to go that way but it’s straight up in the air and just Butler takes a simple capture Jake ball On his debut has taken his first wicket Waiting for it again, there is a man out there to miss feel chimeric tails He was in real difficulties here Shikha doe arc as he dropped his bat and as a result, the umpire is going to send this upstairs Changer bowling Liam punkin strikes India struggling here As well Ran opposed he gets it over me Don plenty of Indian support Please pick that on again and swept it hard Beautiful shot straight down the gravel could have been taken Short again, Rayna knew it was coming and he’s planting it I destroyed Madoka Shura Schreiner running down the pitch running down the pitcher having received these missed it Beautifully played beautifully in the gap Uses those Two with a flick of the wrist goalies into the crowd He had it then he lost it and then he got it again Not yoga this time right in the slot Close it away over the leg side beats bets though India finish on 148 Six The net back up the debate shall we ball yet? Oh, yeah. Oh What a shot some players are just freaks this lad is absolutely beautiful to watch Josh Butler Down the Grantham aisles is dragged it wide to the man and he’s hit it far enough Gets it past him. This has been a very good over I Know a big battery but it’s a big hit that Is one of the most magnificent catches you see That’s those sleeps sleeps hard and into the crowd Oh the cats India needed that wicked Hales gets it through pitch this time Massive what a way to bring up your fifty exhales Swung it’s gonna be four That’s one of them scores a level Where he swings it away huge cheers here in Kearney an England and a level the series You

100 thoughts on “Hales The Hero In Final Over Drama | England v India 2nd Vitality IT20 2018 – Highlights

  1. britishers and England are pieces of shit they are living on the money they have looted from India (thieves),even though they invented cricket they lose in finals .

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  3. 2:30 did anyone see the piece of paper that said its coming home?
    A: This is cricket, not football
    B: You are Indian, not English.

  4. অ্যালেক্স হেলস তুম গানি হ্য …. মস্তানা বস্তি

  5. 1. Alex hales 2. Roy 3. Bairstow 4. Morgan 5. Stokes 6.buttler 7. Ali 8.Archer 9. Rashid 10. Wood 11. Woakes.

  6. You know what funny about Indian YouTubers and media?
    They'll never upload a game where their teams loose or maybe upload it for few weeks and then remove it✌️

  7. Should've shown the reaction of the indian fans after loosing the match.
    Looks like Virat Kohli wasn't able to take advantage of the crowd abundance this time. 🤣🤣

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  9. fixed.. Last 2 overs look at the length ball bhuvneshwar was bowling. Anyone who would have played cricket will know it. Midoff up in the circle ,balls halfvolley on off.Next 3 balls on leg side..Usually fixing happens alot in the last 2 overs of the innings as by that time all bets would have been placed ..

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