55 thoughts on “Half Guard | Triangle, Kimura, Ezekiel and Baseball Bat Choke with Professor Kris Kim, Seoul, Korea

  1. Most people would refer to move 3 of 3 as a loop choke, Ezekiel is when you grab the inside of your own sleeve and use your fist to choke.

  2. It's 8pm and I hv a class at 8:30pm, I'm gonna try that "ezequiel" toninte,  looks pretty sick to me! Everyone knows me at the school because of that "baseball choke", I've learn it as "gator roll", does not matter what you call it,  what matter is that works great and I am pretty good at it…..give it a try.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y79QjOJ4nZ8 (gator roll tutorial, a little different!) enjoy!!! JJ RULES!

  3. Fantastic instruction on ezek and the bat…
    two absolute killers that sometimes are hard to see coming until its all over, and in a self defence situation, they are very useful..
    cheers, nice job sir..

  4. new to BJJ. what stops the guy following you around then jumping on top and getting top mount with the last Baseball Bat choke?

  5. Just tried this but its hard to pull of against decent opponents, since when u grab the lapel, the opponent will immediately block your hand/forearm to prevent pressure on his throat, thus preventing the ezekiel. Also the kimura is hard to get. When u place your hand on his arm, he will immediately defend that aswell.

  6. The most useful 4 minute instruction I’ve seen in a long time. Succinct, to the point and practical. You just got a sub

  7. man, four great set ups from this position. I'm often stuck here and hadn't realised how important the collar grip was. I often am just looking for the loop choke so my grip is completely different

  8. Great video! I use that baseball bat choke from Bottom of Side Control whenever I’m there. You do excellent instructionals.

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