Halloween Pumpkin Carving.

Before we start, we want introduce our name is Paighton. My name is Teah, what sign name is cheeky (Teah) Why? Cheeky? Because when I am grow up, always always be cheeky because this why. Alp? I am unsure! Wait, what about you? My sign name hair flick back (Paighton) Why? Hair Flick Back? Because grow up, always hair flick back and habbit. LOL. Second video. first what this? ?????? What you think?? Of Course! This is Halloween! Of course! Halloween Today, we been where, explain.. No, watch clip. Hello! Now, he driving won’t interrupt as he driving leave Now, we going where to shopping. What you think? Until you find out there! Hello! we are here for? what this is?? SEE! I’ve forget my car where is. I have found my car! yay! See! We been to shopping buy what? PUMPKIN! T: Yes, pumpkin, finally! Let you know, we will be competition for CARVING pumpkin! Who will be winner? We have been.. Choose the picture for carving pumpkin. See the picture. Now, my turn, what I’ve choose a design. Now you see. Now, see our PUMPKIN! Now, I have look our pumpkin. I am choose the pumpkin Why, I am choose a pumpkin because my pumpkin is big and easy for carving! See, my brother’s pumpkin is SMALL! My pumpkin is small and simple! Wait see, until end! Just wait and patient Now, can you see that we have a bowl and spoon for be ready next! Also, we using a pen for draw pumpkin Also, using knife for cut pumpkin. Now, before you watch clip. Enjoy watch the video through for Carving. End, see find out who WINNER! P: Right! Now, see our finish pumpkin! With Candles in our Pumpkin of each This his! and this mine! Very special guest introduce! This dog name is Stormi, that our dog She want say. Now, this finish, we hope you have enjoyed watch through the video! We carving pumpkin But this finish? No, first need to all.. Number 1 or Number 2 Vote, which you choose like best? P: ME! PLEASE. ME ME ME LOL! We hope you enjoy through the video Put comment Below for Number 1 or Number 2 Until end of day on halloween, we will be announced Who will be WINNER?! Our Video, click in comment below put Number 1 or Number 2 Which best, YOU LIKE? Also, click SUBSCRIBE! And like. And share, put comment and whatever, you like put! Like or more like We hope our YouTube getting improve. BUT will more video later and carry on! P: yes more video. T: LOOKING FORWARD! you seem exciting! YES! P: YES IM EXCITING TOO! MWAH, MWAH, MWAH BYEEE!

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  1. Number 2, because it’s more suitable towards to Halloween theme, spooky and scary. And also it reminds me of a movie called The Nightmare Before Christmas ❤️

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