Hampden-Sydney Baseball 2018 Season Preview

Coach Kinne: A goal this year is #1 is to
win 30 games overall. We fell that if we win 30 games that’ll put
us in great position to get a bid to the NCAA Tournament. Another goal would be to be in the top four
of the ODAC. That’ll give us a home field for the first
round, best 2 out of 3. Those are the two main goals. We expect to have a good team with the number
of returning players that we have. It’s going to take hard work and a lot of
heart. Right now we feel like we have a lot of talented
players, and we return a lot of starters from last year’s team. So offensively we feel we can be good. We just have to show the execution and heart. On the mound we will have to have a couple
freshmen step up in starting roles in our #3 and #4 starting pitcher spots. Brian Goodwyn: The team’s goal is to win 30
games and get a regional berth. Jimmy Butler: Well I will definitely say another
goal will be to win the ODAC Championship. That would be a huge accomplishment for us,
but to achieve that we have to keep grinding every day and getting better in practice. Not making excuses, hold each other accountable. I think if we do that I think we’ll do it. Tyler Blevins: Pretty much what Jimmy said. I think it takes, that we come out every day
and focus on getting better, and supporting one another, and have the next man up mentality
because like Coach said, we’re a deep team this year, and it’s a long season and injuries
will happen. So we need to be ready for anything. [all 3 laugh] I think our depth overall is one of our strengths. We really have two deep at every position
that we feel very confident could start for us. On the mound, our first two pitchers are Chase
Mayberry and Jimmy Butler return, and we feel very confident in their abilities. Also, Jonathan Triesler and Jayson Maitland
out of the bullpen were both all-conference last year, so we think the back end of our
pitching staff is really good. Brian Goodwyn: I think we got a lot of talent. A good thing is like we got, we’re at least
two people deep at every position. As far as the freshmen that came in, especially
pitching wise, it looks like we’re pretty deep in the bullpen. So if we could show up every day ready to play, I think it’ll be good. Jimmy Butler: I think one of our major strengths
is having our midweek starters. I feel really confident in our freshmen that
are coming up and stepping up this year. I feel like they’re going to have some big
years. Midweek starting and in the bullpen, so I
feel like those, like Bryan said, will be really, really valuable to our team, those
guys. Tyler Blevins: So like the previous seasons
we’ve played in, I mean it’s a long season and we’ve had guys kind of fall out towards
the end of the year. I think one of the things we need to improve
on is staying mentally tough, staying mentally prepared for each game, and being prepared,
and staying focused. Yeah I think I said focus more than once but
Coach said yesterday we need to approach baseball with a 12-year-old mentality. I think towards the end of the year it’s tough
being out there every day, and it’s a long season so if we attack it with energy and
we attack it with mental focus the sky’s the limit On top of the guys I just mentioned, we’re
really looking for big years out of Bryan Goodwin, senior captain, he should start this
season at second base but he also has and can play outfield for us. Tyler Blevins, another captain, he is a junior
and first base, I’m looking for big things there. And Devin Daugherty, a senior catcher, had
a tremendous breakout year last year as a junior so we expect big things out of him Jimmy Butler: I expect Nick Graziano, our
freshmen midweek guy, and I expect Harrison Moncure, those two freshmen and I expect them
to do some pretty big things for us. And why? I see them as putting in the work in practice,
and they’re here every day, and I really truly believe that they want is just as bad as the
three of us want it. So they’re competitive, very competitive and
I think that those guys can really step up this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing
what they can do for us Tyler Blevins: One of the guys that’s worked
with me a little bit is Ryan Clawson, he is from Cosby High School, and I know a little
bit about Cosby, they’re a pretty good baseball school. He’s a walk-on but he’s attacking it every
day and he’s acting like he’s one of us. He’s going to be a stud for us this year,
and I expect him, I have high hopes for him, I think he’s going to do good things. Brian Goodwyn: I probably say for me it might
be “Dooms,” Josh Duimstra. He’s an athlete, he came into last year, he
had a little bit of a tough situation. We were pretty much deep at every position,
but he hits and if he gets an opportunity this year he can definitely find a spot on the field. Jimmy Butler: I’ve got one more. I’ve got these two guys [Brian Goodwyn, Tyler
Blevins], I expect big things from these two guys as well as myself so we’re gonna have
a good one this year. Right now we definitely need to improve on our team’s defense. That’s going to be one of our big focal points here in the preseason, and we need to improve our offensive production. We did a nice job last year with some young
players that will have to step it up offensively and defensively. Brian Goodwyn: I think a big thing is just
consistency. I mean we’re good. Like we have good ball players on the team. I think the biggest thing will be, especially
down the stretch, is how consistent we will be Like I think everyone has shown that in the
fall we saw that everyone is good at the position they play. The real thing is that we gotta be, how long
can you do it when the, you know you get the long season, you get school, and all the practices
you get tired. Can you come in day in and day out and perform. And if that improves as we go, I think again
we’ll do big things. Tyler Blevins: I think one of the things that
we could improve on is when adversity hits, what are we gonna or how are we going to react? A few times last year, we got in a hole really
quick, and I felt like some of our guys panicked and sort of maybe, not put their heads down,
but kind of like, well maybe did put their head down But one of the things is, adversity is going
to come, and when it does come, we just need to buckle up and grind. And I think we can pull it out. Jimmy Butler: I think along the lines of what
Blevins said, when adversity does come, none of us are perfect, we’re all going to make
mistakes. And I think one of the big things that I’d
like to see us improve throughout the year is not letting necessarily the coach get on
us, because he’s going to get on us in general, but I’d like to see each and every one of
us, when we do mess up, hold each other accountable. Not yell or anything like that, but just know
that okay this happened, let’s fix it the next time. Let’s not let it happen again, and if we do
that, if we can get that attitude ingrained in us, then I think we’ll be really good. I’m just looking forward to a great season. You know this is a good group of guys to be
around, and we are looking forward to really competing and getting to that top four in
the ODAC to have a home game, home games, in the first round. Brian Goodwyn: Fun. This year is going to be a fun year. We got a good group of guys, like I love them,
they’re like my brothers. Some of them I’ve been playing with the past
what we’ve got like five six seniors that have been playing the past four years. It’s been great. Got a good group of freshmen that came in
this year, it should be fun and we should win a lot of ball games. So that’s what i’m looking forward to. Tyler Blevins: Yeah I agree with Brian, it’s
going to be a fun year, and I mean it’s always a grind and it’s always fun to grind with
people that you know, you respect. And we all focus, we all have one common goal,
and that’s to win, and when that comes together it’s just a lot of fun and it’s a brotherhood. Jimmy Butler: Yeah I like what Blevins said. We all respect each other and I think that
you gain more respect for each another on some of the trips we’ll be able to take. Rather that’s road games and stuff like that. Road games are always fun, bus rides, those
memories you’ll never forget. So I’m definitely looking forward to Myrtle
Beach. We go to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break games
and that’ll be an extremely fun trip, bonding, everything it’ll be awesome. So that’s one of the things I’m looking forward

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