Hand Cricket

hand cricket is an attempt to personify the child hood experience of playing cricket with your hand The game has two stages – Toss & Game play each player has six switches to enter the score from one to six these are the eight led to show the status of the game Now let’s play the game as you can see ,toss and enter score led’s are glowing player will now enter the score since the some of 3 and 5 is even player two wins and it is indicated by a glowing led for player 2 batting Now game play led is on and toss led is off both the players enter the score they have entered diff. numbers. players two score gets updated this continues untill both of them enters the same number player p2 is now out now player 1 bats and P1 batting led glows both the players will enter their scores both the players are now OUT and seven segment diaplay display the winner whose total score is greater player P2 Wins if the score would have been the same then seven segment would have displayed DRAW THANK YOU

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