HANDBALL – 5 Curiosidades que quizás NO SABIAS

Before starting the video I’m going to ask you a simple question Would you like to know everything about handball? If so, stay because today we start with a new section in the channel These are 5 interesting facts that maybe you didn’t know about Handball, part one Number 5) The match with the fewest goals The MOST EXCITING GAME in the history of handball was in the first World Cup, which took place in Germany in 1938. Denmark and Sweden met in an epic match By the way, I was being sarcastic where the Swedes scored…. 2 – 1 Number 4) The most boring game in history This game was one of those where it is better to get a good drink and a good magazine because at this time cellphones still did not exist. In 1981, the women’s team of the former Soviet Union beat the selection of Afghanistan 86 to 2 making it the biggest goal in the history of handball. Number 3) Twice three-time champions The Russian women’s team is the only one that can boast that it has won the world championship three times in a row, on two occasions. The first of them was in the world championships Hungary 82, Holland 86 and South Korea 90 where the USSR won all three tournaments. Coming a little closer to present time, the Russian team got its second triplet by winning the world championships of Russia 05, France 07 and China 09. Something that any national team, including man and women have been able to replicate so far Number 2) French Power As far as the history of the men’s handball world championships goes, 26 editions of the world championships have been held. France leads the medal with 6 gold medals, 5 of which have been obtained in the last 20 years. This means that France has won 1 out of every 2 world championships in the last 20 years. Number 1) Money is everything Qatar’s national team has been talking about the Handball scene for the last few years. To put you a little in context, Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world because their land has reserves of oil and gas, fuels that run the world today. Returning to handball, if we analyze the positions obtained in previous world championships we can see that it did not vary much its classification always between 16th and 23rd place until in 2015 happened THIS. Qatar organized a world championship at home and won the silver medal. You may think that the country bought the referees and that they took them there, but not. They got a first level trainer like Valero Rivera, and bought a team of players of different nationalities to play for their country. If you look at the players, none of the 14 players in the squad are from Qatar. And since they had a little bit of money left over after buying players, they hired TENS of Spanish fans to cheer on the Asian team. who were on vacation and all they had to do was go to see Qatar games A dream come true (?) If you liked this video Live a comment and a like You can help me on Patreon if you like, every single penny will be used to improve content Subscribe for more Handball and thank you for looking at this video until the end. Goodbye!

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