Handball | An Ari Fitz Film

Uh, oh my God.
It’s just… Literally just clothes. [Phone ringing]. -Hi.
-Hello. What?
Why that face? What? Because I’m dying
only – that’s all. I don’t know what I’m even
doing with my body right now. Okay, well, what you should be doing with
your body right now is putting on clothes so that you can go on
this date tonight. Why are you freaking out? Literally I’m meeting them today,
and my hair looks like this. [Music and texting]. It looks pretty great to
me, okay? All you have to do is
put on an outfit and go. Okay,
it literally looks like a nest. I feel like woodland creatures
could be burrowing within it. I’m not liking this idea; honestly,
I would rather just stay home and sleep. [Music, texting,
and background discussion]. This is La Brea, right? We’ve been talking
on the phone forever. What if we meet for the first
time and there’s no sparks? Okay, have you communicated by courier
pigeons, or have they seen an actual photo of you on the internet? Because I’m pretty sure they think you’re
hot, and so y’all are going to be hot together. Okay, and what if we meet and,
like, they have some weird habit that drives me insane? Okay, and what if a meteor falls
through the sky and kills everyone? I mean, lots of things can happen,
and I am on the side of kissing. I’ve had to listen to you talk about them
too much for you to not go on this date, so it’s going to be great.
Let’s go try on some outfits. Come on – fashion show. Let’s go through the closet. Uh, they just texted me. [Music]. This is going to be terrible. Seriously, I’m going… I feel myself
[unintelligible] this is going to be terrible. I’m calling it.
-Hello? -Sorry.
-We’ve learnt… We’ve gone to
yoga; we’ve learned the breathing techniques, all right? We’re gon-… I mean, that might
be birthing techniques, but they all work the same; it’s fine.
-I can’t even go on. -Okay.
-Okay. That looks amazing. All right? You look great. -Now… -I hope you’re right. [Crosstalk]. Because if I die tonight, you know
who’s paying for my funeral services. Okay, well, at least I know what kind of
flowers you would like, so this is going -to work perfectly.
-Perfect. -Thanks, bae.
-I’m here for you. -Bye.
-I love you. -Mmm.
-Bye. [Sighs]. [Music]. -Sorry.
-Hi. How are you? -I’m nervous.
-It’s fine; me too. [Music]. You finally get to
play handball with me. -It’s you, and I’m pretty good at
handball, so…
-Oh, are you? -Yeah, we’ll see.
-Because I’m pretty sure I’m better. Uh, I mean,
I guess we’ll see how that goes, right? -I’m just looking forward to beating you.
-All right. You are giving me “I steal
people’s pets,” for fun, right? -This is impossible.
-It’s not impossible. I just want to,
like… You know this is impossible. It’s fine. Wait, sorry, guys, real quick, just:
Can you guys do some breathing exercises -together?
-Yeah, we can.
[Laughter]. -Okay, sorry.
-It’s fine. -I get it.
-Let’s get one more last hug, and then… Deep breath in. Okay?
Deep breath out. -Okay? -Okay.
All right, all right. Imagine your feet as
the roots of a tree. Ah.
It’s like done, done. It’s like done.
Wow. Okay, okay. Well, thank you all so
much for watching Bubbles. It’s a three-part series, and this is the
last video, and I just want to say thank you to my cast and
crew – so much. Thank you all so much. Thank you to all of you for watching, and
also thank you to Visible for giving me the freedom to tell these very gay
stories right before Pride season. I am… This is so cool. Yeah. Ah, yeah. Yeah. So, at the end of every video I like to sit
down and tell you guys a little bit about Visible and why I decided to
partner with them on this, like, series and this project. So, Visible is a new phone service that
gives you unlimited messaging, unlimited data, unlimited everything
for $40 a month. And I feel like I
haven’t said that enough. Visible is a phone service that gives
you unlimited messaging, unlimited data, unlimited everything
for $40 a month. That is what they do. That’s why I thought that they would be
dope, and that’s why I thought it’d be really cool to partner with them because
I actually think that you all would really find value in
knowing about this. I think.
I think; I could be wrong. So, anyways, back to Visible: They keep
their costs low because everything takes place over their app, so they don’t have
any, like, actual stores that you can go into. Everything is included for $40 a
month; there’s no hidden contracts, there’s no additional fees that you find out about
afterwards; it’s just $40 a month; and it runs on the Verizon network, so it works,
like it actually… Like, you’ll have service, like,
once you sign up and everything. Everything that you need to know about
Visible is in the description box below; right there. And yeah – Visible, thank you,
for just like believing in me, believing in the [Kate]. You know?
Like, this is cool. This is really cool. So, for this specific story, the
inspiration for it was mostly… I wanted to make sure that there was a story in here
that showcased how awkward all of us are, and how unnecessary it
is, and how funny it is. You know? So many… There is so many bloopers
I couldn’t include, and I’m just… Yeah, I might have to do a
little blooper reel. I think I might have to do that. Anyways, yeah,
this was… They were so great. It was just really funny. But, again, the entire Bubble series was
really inspired by the fact that I feel like, as Pride season is kicking off,
like I want to make sure we’re showing how loving, and funny, and awkward, and real,
and honest, and raw, and kind of messy— you know?—love can be in general. Like… And if I got something off, or if I
got something wrong, or if you feel like I didn’t really, like, fully communicate like
the full spectrum of queer love or of love in general – let me know in the comments
below, because I feel like this is my first time doing this stuff, you know? And I really liked
it, and I want to do it again, and so I want to make sure that I’m learning from it.
And, oh no… No! Sucking the tears
back into my face. I just want to get better,
so help me get better. If you guys… If you see
fit, help me get better. And thank you.
Seriously, thank you, guys. Until the next one, I’ll see you guys soon.
Bye. [Kisses].

69 thoughts on “Handball | An Ari Fitz Film

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    4:03 Mehgan: Imagine your feet as the roots of a tree.
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    I was gonna mention that these were abnormally way too short even for a short film, until I saw your test comment. The production and directing style was more than decent. Especially the first film. Definitely work on those bigger projects. You have a talent.. for real..fr. Keep your focus on those angles and lighting like you did. I know you'll be just fine with your next script series of short films so I won't critique those. Keep up the good work.

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