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Hi all my friends, today I would like to show you a couple of cool endings in Handball games I want to transfer the term “clutch time” from basketball to handball games in fact, this is a banal ability to decide the outcome of a game or situation in favor of your club. this term is most likely used only on the other side of the ocean, in European basketball, I have never heard of such this is a difficult end of the match, when there are two attacks left until the end of the match, and the difference in points is no more than five Yes! I understand that basketball is a very popular and interesting game, well, handball is in vain underestimated the spectacle in basketball adds the fact that in one attack you can earn three or more points and in handball you can score a maximum of one point in a single attack, regardless of the distance the ball was scored I suggest everyone to express their opinion in the comments what do you think, if you make changes in the rules of handball and add two-point shots for example from 10-12 meters or from the center of the site or like a beach handball 360 degrees aerial shots Will it add to the entertainment and attractiveness for the fans? the first match that we will see Denmark vs Macedonia European Championship 2012 Serbia hosted estimated bookmakers favorite was Denmark but until the very end of the match, Macedonia fought to win! and so, 10 seconds before the end of the match Fast forward to Israel, 2018, qualification for the European Championship second stage, second round Israel has never gone to the big forums and the Polish team, a very strong opponent! see how this pair appreciated bookmakers Israel’s victory odds are 14 to 1 It would seem that the Poles will score their points there is still time to win the match but outsiders actively defended we see how poland plays 9 meters well, in the attack what that confusion bad pass I did not understand why the right-wing player did not even jump out? he just gave the ball to the opponent and what do we see? Israel conducts a fast counterattack a linear player not without effort caught the ball Wow! Israel wins !!! guys are so happy as if they had already become European champions! ))) another incredible match, Angola vs Qatar world championship 2019 passed the championship in Denmark and Germany on the one hand, the Angolan team, which has never entered the playoffs of world championships apart from the African Championship and on the other hand the Qatar team the team that took the second place in the home championship in 2015 Look, before the start of the match for the victory of the Angolan team, the bookmakers offered a ratio of 31: 1 if someone before the start of the match had bet on the Angolan team $ 100, after it ended, he could get $ 3,100 25 seconds left until the end of the match, Angola is behind one point after such an incredible victory, Angola no longer won a single match in the group and took the last 6 place 🙁 sorry for the bad video quality Another incredible clutch time, in my opinion the best ending in the history of handball Tournament Level: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games group stage Denmark vs Russia on the one hand, an experienced Russian team with great victories and traditions in handball on the other hand, the future legend of handball, Mikkel Hansen, 21, who can be said alone decides the outcome of the match in favor of his team! LEGEND, HISTORY, CHAMPION!!!

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  1. 1:02 should handball add two-point shots? It adds to the spectacle in beach handball and I think it makes any sport more exciting if there’s a possibility that a team can win or lose (not draw) on one shot.

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