Handball Goalkeeper Training in Estonia – E02 ATW Handball

Tallinn I’m coming! And I’m already in Estonian capital Tallinn Yesterday. I had a nice training at Handball Club Tallinn and tomorrow I’m going to Viimsi but for this Sunday I just try to relax and enjoy this beautiful city Elmar say hi to the fans of Around the World with Handball Guys, did you know that in Estonia is even possible to travel back in time? Well of course not real but currently there is an exhibition at the TV tower, which shows how people get used to live during Soviet times So let’s look because I’m sure it’s going to be really interesting. Now let’s see how a typical apartment in Soviet times looked like Mama, I am home So guys, it is a last day of my baltic trip and I just felt so good here that I don’t want to leave..but I have to But what is the plan for today? Well the weather is really awesome, so First I’m going to walk a little bit through the old town of Tallinn and afterwards I’m going to grab some lunch and coffee in the hipster district of Tallinn where I heard they make a really delicious street food in the shipping containers, where you can enjoy it on their rooftops with a really nice view Then afterwards I’m going to Viimsi but first with Estonian coach Jarno we are going to wellness and spa Just to reward myself a little bit for this whole trip and also to be prepared and fit for the evening training because I heard there should be 12 goalkeepers and It’s the last training during my Baltic trip, so I just want to make it really good and I’m sure we will have a lot of fun Thank you, thanks Thanks So I’m here with Jarno Nurm Coach from HC Viimsi, can you introduce us your club little bit more? We have like Almost 100 kids training in our club We have different age groups only boys unfortunately, but in September maybe we are hoping to start a girls group We have one championship team and one first division team We are trying to expand, we’re hoping that in September we’ll have more time in our arena to do handball And can you tell us something more about handball in Estonia, is it popular? I think it’s getting more popular. Thanks to Handball Club Tallinn mostly because they got like 500 kids in five years for playing handball And it’s getting popular, we’re just hoping that our national team get better results in the EURO or World Cup qualifications So guys I’m already at the Tallinn airport leaving back home after my first two adventures in two different countries And it was the best start that I could wish for myself and for my project That’s why I want to thank you all you nice people in handball clubs. You helped me a lot Laima in Garliava Karolis and Klaidas in Egle Sviesa in Vilnius Risto from Tallinn and Jarno from Viimsi. You are all nice people with passion for handball, so I wish you all the best and I also want to thank my Non-handball friends and friends from old times for having a good time with me and hosting me in your cities So Greta and Lina in Vilnius and Elmar in Tallinn. Thank you very much and Normally, it would be time to announce the next episode now, but I don’t have any arrangements yet So maybe you can contact me on my email And in the short while you will see My future destination plan where I will go due to my work or vacation reasons So maybe if you are from this countries or towns or clubs you can try to write me and maybe we can arrange some training That´s it, thank you very much for watching and also maybe sharing and see you at the next episode and adventures with ATW Handball! And I forgot! Many thanks to all participating goalkeepers from Garliava, Egle-Sviesa, Tallinn and Viimsi 🙂

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  1. i'm a handball goal keeper and i have a question about timing and synchronisation of the action and the movement of player ……what exercise i shoud practice ?? thnx

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