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Welcome to the first episode of my new handball project called Around the World with Handball I am here at the Schwechat International Airport in Vienna where I will hopefully start more of my journeys Aaand I am pretty excited, cause I am heading for my first goalkeeper trainings in two different countries so let us see what it will bring, let the games begin Checkpoint Riga, the capital of Latvia and exactly in between of the two countries where I will have my goalkeeper trainings I have something like 4 hours before my bus will now go to Vilnius, so let us check the city of Riga little bit Hey guys, second day of my trip and I am already in Kaunas, second biggest city in Lithuania where I will train today at Handball Club Garliava but before the training part really starts I want to share three things with you First is, that I am absolutely aware that I am not Niklas Landin or Thierry Omeyer and I have never played Bundesliga or Champions League but compared to these professional players I have time to travel and to come to your country and your club and I absolutely believe in my goalkeeper training and I think it is challenging, creative and very interesting Second thing is, that probably most of you were following my YouTube channel because of new goalkeeper exercises I absolutely understand it. I know it personally as a coach that I look for some inspiration on the YouTube as well and I just want to assure you that this will remain my primar goal to keep on with new handball goalkeeper exercises on my channel and those of you who are not very interested in the traveling part, you can either skip it directly to the training part or at least give it a chance. Maybe you will be interested in the whole culture thing and traveling part, to see all those nice places And the last thing, as you have probably noticed, I am not a professional actor or YouTuber so sometimes I may speak too fast or too slow or I am not smiling too much like in the pilot episode but this is a thing I will try to improve and hopefully it will get better with each episode so yeah, nooow too much talking and let us finally start with training part at Handball Club Garliava Day 3 of my trip and I am already in Vilnius which is probably my favourite town in Europe, because I was lucky to spend my 5 student months here and I really love the town and today I have training at Eglė-Šviesa, I hope I spelled it correctly so let us go, I am really looking forward We are here with youth coach Klaidas from Eglė-Šviesa Can you tell us something more about the club? Egle´s club is a old club and very traditional so we have young players, old players. Old players have experience, so they take care for young players and we are preparing players for national teams or youth national teams, so our club is strong What about handball in Lithuania, is it popular between young guys? It is not so popular like basketball, but I think it will be more and more popular, because beach handball started in Lithuania and indoor handball is also more popular in Lithuania What about goalkeeper training in your club and maybe in Lithuania? Is it normal doing it or not very much? I think that top handball clubs in Lithuania have goalkeeper trainings but in the sport schools they do not have a training with goalkeepers so here is the problem the players who are not from professional clubs but sport schools are starting from the beginning and it is difficult Guys, so it is after the training in Eglė-Šviesa, really good training, I have a really good feeling and I am happy and satisfied and the sun came finally out in Vilnius so now I am gonna meet some friends, enjoy some beer and good lithuanian food and tomorrow early in the morning it already goes for the next adventure with ATW Handball Early morning at the airport and my lithuanian adventure is over so it is good time to announce you the second episode of ATW Handball so my next handball goalkeeper trainings will be in ESTONIA

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  1. Hello i am a young goalkeeper coach i am training 13-14 years old girls i just want to know is focusing on their footwork crucial at this age i also would like to know some footwork drills by the way i am a huge fan and supporter and i have been following and supporting since i started training i also have a special request if you may give me an email adress to reach you easily

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