Handball series – E01 Women’s national team training camp

We had today the first day of the nationals team training camp At 10am we discussed the whole week and what will await us here Of course there is a main goal of the training camp and according to the goal of the training camp and the duties we have we try to set the working week so that firstly, it should be interesting for the players secondly that the goal is fulfilled and we get closer to our long-term objective Women’s training camp It is important that the player who crosses the left back passes the ball a little bit earlier and stops right here before the 3, which will be offensive for sure Let’s go! Coach told us at the meeting that we will work on offence and after a short break between the trainings we will have a testing you can get a lot out of that you can see very good the condition of players if it is physical or maybe also mental, because some tests are harder I believed this team from the beginning because I know that in Slovakia are growing many good handball players so I somehow tried to set the atmosphere in the team where the players must breathe together and walk the same direction If we want to be successful as a slovak national squad we have to be a team, we have to be friends and we have to pull together, if it is on the field or outside of it The entire interplay is very difficult between the girls when we meet on that first training that one is kind of challenging from this point of view coach is not always satisfied today he said that for the first training it was good Mostly it is about the setting of the playing system and that is very complicated as the players are playing different system, if it is in attack or defence in their clubs so when the players come from 10 different clubs you have to reverse them within 24 hours so they think of how is played in the national team We already have a firmly defined defence, firmly defined system, which we want to play and i am looking forward to every training camp, because we know that each time something new will come and everytime some kind of a new trend comes, which we have to try or start to work with that Now we also start to work also with some mental coaches what is very important in sports Head and the mental preparation for the game is extremely important and I can even say that in collective sports it is an unexplored area It is kind of a new experience and it is something different mental coach can definitely give you an advice when you are unsure and something hinders you in that sport I support the idea that players on the same position help each other even if they are in some kind of competition We know that we have 3 goalkeepers and I try to create a goalkeeper’s team so the players make each other better and better Rivalry is on every position but right here with Lucia, we know each other for years, we are in the same age and I do not perceive her as a rival but as a colleague I think the total success of the team is important and think also about what is good for the collective Coming to the national team is a great honour in the first place and it is also kind of reward for what we do the whole year in our clubs National team, if it is handball or somewhere else is not just something everyone has to deserve it and in principle it is the best that you can reach in the sports I can say that there are unbelievably strong friendships here which were created here and which are still building with every new training camp so coming to the national team is a big honour From my point of view, the most important for me is of course the success on the sports field, that is sure but words like loyalty, trust, respect, humility are things with which I always work and they mean a lot for me

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