Handball series – E02 Men’s national team training camp

Right now we are in Hlohovec at the training camp of slovak men’s national handball team Training camp has only 2 days, the coach wants that we are a little bit together so we get in the mood before the last two training camps in the EHF EURO qualifications We wake up and go to breakfast, then straight to the training, afterwards lunch, meeting, video meeting, second training and dinner and the day is actually over pretty fast These training camps have really fast tempo Mens training camp Training camps take part regularly every three months everytime when we have an association date It is normally one week, when we meet 2-3 days before the game then we have a game, afterwards 2 days of training again and then another qualification game again In principal, the training camp is about the thing that we do not see each other really often during the year everyone plays for his club and we meet maybe five times a year and in this short time we try to interplay together and exercise some combinations against the team we will play against so we can win against this team more tactically We have to come in a short time through the change that we play another system here It is completely different like in a club, where we are together every single day, 365 days in a year here in the national team we meet once in 3 months so it is kind of difficult to adapt on new teammates but we know each other and everybody knows what he has to do, so we try to do our job with 100% This training camp is about the boys being finally together after a long time and mainly about repeating of our system, what we want to play in the defence, in the counterattack and in the offence My philosophy is a very good defence, now we play 6:0, 5:1 and counterattack The performance of the goalkeeper, my system requires a good goalkeeper and mainly counterattack – individual, group, second wave, fast middle this is handball which I like and which I support Coach Lipták has divided trainings to defence and attack training units He always try to do defence in the morning and attack in the evening, so it is always specialized on a concrete task Every player prepares himself mentally alone everyone has already his well-proven methods The mind is probably the most important in sports and it is really true that if the player is mentally not fit you can notice that on his performance If you do not have a good performances in your home club or there are some other problems you have to forget about it for a while, try to think positive and care only about the next game so you mentally come into a good mood Regarding the background, the national team has really good conditions a collective of people take care about us One doctor who solves the bigger problems immediately and then we have two masseurs, one physioterapist, one german physioterapist and if somebody needs, we have a strength coach here who can order the guys some exercises which will help them After every day we have a regeneration where we can relax again we always relax and get ready for the following day I think that every single player is looking forward to come to the national team and it is a honour for him to play for the slovak team I believe it is a honour for the player when he can represent his country and he can do something for the national team and reach some successes The national team gives you a lot, not only at the qualification games or matches at the euro and world championships simply, every single game is very important For me it is a dream which came true to play for the national team and it is kind of a pride when you know that your family is watching you and they are proud on you

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