Handball series – E04 Kids and Handball

Kids handball and youth structures in professional sports have really big importance Children – that is the element why the sport is really beautiful And second thing is that sport needs the kids so it can show all its positive aspects HANDBALL AND KIDS We work with kids since the age of 6, that is the most ideal age but it absolutely does not matter when a child comes in the age of 12 or 13 they catch up and can be successful in higher age categories In the youth categories, a feeling for handball and joy from the sport are developing in the kids everything starts from this age All coaches working with youth are active players or former active players – professional players and this is a real advantage for the kids that people are teaching them who personally experienced those things and came straight into contact with these things – we did not have such an advantage Coaches are people who move this whole sport, not only ours they are the ones who can burn this spark in the kids and show them the vision When we are going somewhere to the tournament for three days and we will also overnight there it is a huge experience for them, they are within collective and have new memories when these tournament are for boys as well as for girls – new friendships and relationships are created I think that the whole personality of the kid is developing You can recognize talents also in such a young age but it is extremely important at these talented players to motivate them because when these talents can make 20 goals in a game in these categories, they can lose motivation very fast There are always some sports talents which have some physical gifts in their DNA they have better feeling for the ball you always need to develop the talent further and when the kid has a talent and also the motivation and the will then you can suppose that the kid will stay at this and there is maybe a new handball professional I am here because my daughter plays handball and because I played it on my own I know what kind of game it is how creative, how great, full of adrenaline and the kids can express themselves First of all, the kid needs to want and then the collective needs to be formed so children do not go there only for training, but also seek for some new relationships and then it can be expressed that they like to go there and enjoy it I started three years ago my sister brought me there to try because she saw something good in me and suddenly I started as a goalkeeper and it worked for me pretty good not that it would be funny to catch the ball, but I simply enjoyed it First, I played soccer than handball, because handball was much more fun for me It is more contact sports, more shooting and then the cooperation with the team I am more skillful in handball than in other sports like soccer or floorball My hands work better than my legs Children take it really emotionally – when they lose they can share some tears but when they win they can enjoy and fully share the happiness from every victory and they really show the emotions – on the field and also outside It takes a lot of free time, investigate this time into these kids drive them to trainings but you get it back when you see on those kids that they are happy when they score when they come to you and tell: “Mom, I played great today, we have won” you see it on this happiness in these kids That is the most important that we can do showing the direction to the kids, that it is fun and that they can enjoy that that is the most important Here is an unbelievable number of very talented kids but we need to find them and convince them that it is something worth to do We profess the life philosophy that sports can raise and educate children it can show them the right way so children are the most important which brings sports further They learn how to accept each other do not overtop themselves above others because you can not do this in the collective, everyone has to work together with others and I think that this is also very important in the life

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