Handball series E05 – Handball in my heart

First time I got to handball I was 10 years old In that moment we did not really know what handball is or how is it played I started to train, I liked it time after time and it stayed until now When I was a kid, for me the sport was on a first place I had many other sports next to handball when I started After some time, it selected only to handball and I am happy that I chose it Since I am 19 years old I play professional handball abroad and probably it means a lot for me, it is actually my life I was raised in a sports family, my mum also played handball and of course she took me to the playing hall I started to play handball already when I was 7 years old I used to play tennis before, but the collective in handball impressed me more than tennis and that is what has kept me at handball After my family, it is the second most important thing in my life Handball in my heart Handball gave to me a lot, also regarding the real life You are every day in a collective, you have many friends that is why it teaches you a lot in the real life how to get into the collective When I was young and started I was pretty small and slim Recommendations were that I should try another sport, that this is for bigger guys but I put into my head that I enjoy that you run a lot, there is a lot of contact a lot of goals, so everytime something happens I like handball, fans like it and I stayed at it – you can reach something even if you do not have some predictions for that You have a chance to get know a lot of good people and also travel the world games and tournaments are played all over the Europe If you are lucky sometimes also outside of Europe you have the possibility to see many things The most beautiful experience in handball for me was when we have won in France against the Olympic champions and World champions Personally I had a pretty good performance in that game, I scored 6 times against the best goalkeeper in the world so this was an awesome experience The most beautiful memory for me is EHF EURO in Croatia When we got to the next round, I still have a goosebumps right now That is the best memory and I hope it will not stay just like that, I hope we will reach something similar Every player or athlete has certainly some dreams, which he or she would like to fullfil My ambitions are highest, I ordered to handball my whole life so I have only the highest ambitions Every new challenge which comes in the club or national team is for me a goal and I try to reach it somehow It is a really good feeling, when an athlete managed to reach his dream You can not describe it with words, but I am really happy about what I have reached I hope I will still reach something, as I am not the oldest For sure, there are up and downs and every single athlete, if it is handball or something else will appear up and also down I was not an exception and if you are down sometimes, nothing lasts forever and with hard job you can climp on the top anytime again it is only a matter of time when the things can turn again and if you do not have a good time, in one week it can be better again there will be a new game – so be patient, get the maximum from you and I believe that everything will come in the right time If you want to do it, you have to do it 100 percent nothing works only to 50 percent if we talk about training, regeneration and other things and order your life to that With handball you can reach your dreams, you can travel a lot Even if every week and every weekend there are many self-denials trainings are hard and you have a good shape or not when a player will be patient I am sure that the time on the field will come for everyone and then the moments which come are strong and worth every single second then we can say that everything had its meaning what we do every single day

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