Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet on Brockmire, braids, and making baseball better

– Jim Brockmire is our last chance to save this game. We want to make you the
commissioner of baseball. – Stupidest thing I’ve
ever heard in my life. – [Interviewer] It’s the future, you’re the commissioner of baseball, and that’s, I guess the
premise is out there, I’m not spoiling it. You’re allowed to say that, yes. – [Interviewer] What did you guys think when they were like “Here’s
what’s going to happen,” – Yeah, I was doubtful,
I was like, “You sure?” Kinda be fun to go back in time, and fund a romp like
Brockmire, the Lost Years, let’s just fill in the time when he was in the Philippines, and all over the world getting wasted, ’cause that would be a lot easier. But Joel Church Cooper, our head writer, he loves writing social commentary, and uh, sorry, as long as I buy it. As long as you create a
world that I believe in. But it’s also hard on this budget to like sell that it’s the future. You know we do a riff on you know, commercials in the future, you know, where medication’s heading, and side effects. We had some fun with that. – [Interviewer] I feel
like I need that now. (laughing) – Medication?
[Interviewer] Cholera? Is that what it’s called, right? – Cholera, yes.
– [Interviewer] Yeah. – Yes, It took me like three weeks to realize this is cholera, – [Interviewer] Yeah, exactly. they are selling cholera in pill form. If you go back and look, essentially it’s cholera, in a pill. ’cause all the side effects are cholera, just to give you terrible
intestinal distress. But, what they discover, I guess, is that one of the side effects of cholera is you can actually take in more content. It actually allows your brain
to take in more (chuckles). – [Interviewer] Some
people would go for it. – I’m sure they would. – [Interviewer] That’s very sad. – I forgot how good a team we make. – [Brockmire] You light up the world when you’re on cocaine. – [Interviewer] Would you guys personally change baseball at all, and how would you do it? Like, do you ever buy into the ideas of like, I mean they have
shortened it a little, like giving the losing team
or the winning team one out, you know what I mean? – That would be a little extreme. I think some of the ideas that Jules actually pitches in the show are actually pretty good ideas. – My God, I’m trying to
remember the lines I know. – Pitch clock, like
really keeping pitchers on a strict pitch clock. – Pitchers. – [Interviewer] Three pitchers per game? – What was that line? – Only four bull pen. – Bull pen. – Yeah, not extensible, only four pitchers active, on a roster. – That’s it. – That’s a little extreme. – I’m for automated robot strike zones. I don’t think, you
know, you need an umpire dressed up as a robot, as Jules pitches, but that would make things quicker and be more fair. – [Interviewer] Do you guys
get sweet baseball tickets now? Like can you like call up– – I always got them. (interviewer laughs) (blows)
– You don’t care to go to any baseball games, do you? – No. Don’t tell my husband that. (interviewer laughs) (clears throat) – [Interviewer] You don’t think he knows? – No, I just meant, okay. – Or does he drag you to baseball games? – No, no, no.
– And you don’t like it? – And you just pretend you like it? – He usually goes with someone else. – [Interviewer] Where can
Brockmire go from here? Like, is this the end of Brockmire? – This is it.
– Yeah. – You know, I love the character there might be like some, I’ll probably continue to appear on actual sports talk shows as Brockmire, which I do a lot to promote the show, and there may even be some podcast life for Brockmire,
– Can I get in on that, too? – On that? Sure. Yeah, you can get in on that. – [Interviewer] Make sure to lead with, like, I don’t like
baseball at all, so. It’s a good way, That’s a good way- – We’ll have you on like a- – (laughs) – Um. Uh… – Yeah I….I, – It’s true. Hank had to
give me a lot of really, really, crash, tiny crash
courses in baseball. Before,
– yeah, she really doesn’t know the rules of baseball.
– Before, my before my, before I would say my dialogue. – Like, “What is, what is a strike?” – (laughs) – “What’s a strike?”
– All right. – Questions like that.
– All right. – Ask about that. “And why, did they want to hit the ball, or they don’t want to hit it?” – Hank. – They want to hit it. – (laughs) All right, sorry. – [Interviewer] Um, – That’s what she said. – Jim, we are best friends. – We’re definitely not best friends Joe. – Oh, no no. You’re not my best friend, but I am definitely your best friend. – [Interviewer] Jim and Jules, like what’s what, you know, are those
crazy kids going to make it? – I don’t know if we’re
allowed to say that. They’re going to definitely try. They try. – He’s sober, so that’s
a problem for Jules. – Yeah she finds his
sobriety really boring. – [Interviewer] How does
she feel about his daughter? – Uh, it’s a problem. It’s a problematic relationship. Initially. – [Interviewer] I mean, even though it’s like an adult daughter? – No, just they just don’t get along. – [Interviewer] Oh okay. – Once they get drunk they get along. – Joel really, our head writer Joel Church Cooper, really wanted to play with the idea that now, she’s the blistering mess. And Brockmire, can maybe
return the favor and save her. – [Interviewer] On the show, there’s a gag that you do her hair every day Um, did you actually
learn how to braid hair? – No, in fact I was so
impossibly lame at that, that I had to, to end up
just having it pre-braided, and I pretended to do origami
or something with her hair. – (laughing) – [Interviewer] Did
you teach him to braid, the way he taught you about baseball? – I just didn’t want to be
such a cliche’ chick right now – Like I know how to braid, but I don’t know anything about baseball. It’s like so lame. – If it makes you feel better, nobody cares about baseball anymore, – Okay that does make me
feel a little bit better. – Right in with the times. – It’s not, It’s not like I’m some, actressy like…okay. – In fact, it’s quite a youthful quality, to not know or care about baseball. – I’ll take it, anything youthful I will take it.
– (laughing) – Chops, I need you to
help me save baseball, Sir. (heavy running) – He’ll help. (dramatic music)

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