Happy Birthday Thala MSD | Tribute To The God Of Cricket | Inspiring MSD Official | ThankYou MSD

[Music] Mira life is empty Akeno materialism but no Geppetto cricket Caruth so art which have no courage or Nikki Sochi – Carvalho nebula we sir Kareem of which voltaic F if neveress of Mehmed people who cave a little bit it’s worked Delta pod Lala look at me my career nirvana and now creepy integrity / Phil – Wacha I sent Erica capitulate a girl like me put a lock on a crystal cubicle [Music] based on a true story native England you have to be honest in life you have to be honest to yourself you have to be practical you have to take risk in life but at the same time no you you have to be calculated you can’t just say okay I took a risky option at some point of time [Music] you have to be ready with ready for the kind of talent that’s really needed to achieve what you want to achieve but at the same time you know you have to take risk in life so for me being honest in life is very important hard work that you have to put in a respective of what your profession is the hard work the honesty respecting the elders which I feel is the key you know if you don’t respect their elders with your parents or with anyone you know it becomes very difficult to be successful in life being humble you know try to be when you enter let’s say any big building you know right from the first man you mean to may be the managing director you have to be the same to each and every one [Music] [Applause] and the singer [Music] the bots bus ball [Music] take wicket take another look at this does not did wrong there [Music] [Music] Sydal anything’s water might while you Betty mind you has to come back and keep the kids again he will be in 44 degree centigrade [Music] [Music] [Music] domina cricket Killa start yatta the first of all many companies whose resume in the Agila Kaluga to Manica be yes Oh tae ik a lotta amudha he achieved our life you know he made a personal my milestone will not shake it school stage a bomb frigate kill today album Park my cricket Hilda the mother a chemo tea with Adam imagine that legit maybe do see a treaty may would be okay against from a magic man so that is the purpose you know milestone same either up up now future decider to mush kilo Tiger heard about milestone what it’s about is you know how much you can contribute how good you are and then you take inspires the reply to the poet enjoy watching [Music] take sketch [Music] [Music] [Music] of yours it is gone my grandmother gets messy in the wind until build struck me as a little capitulate [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] hundreds of Indian captain [Applause] and once again when his team needed it [Applause] [Music] azhagu stop doesn’t strike into the car and after 28 years a party start in the birthing room and it’s an Indian who’s been absolutely mad [Applause] [Music] which ever occupied a bajillion [Applause] [Applause] number of Indian supporters around us they’re on their feet and fancy the chances when they want to run after me it [Applause] [Music]

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