Hardik Pandya 30 Runs of 6 Balls vs Pakistan – India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup

jam down that’s gone stick it on the
fire beautiful what a piece of timing from
hardik Pandya clears the boundary with ease wow what a shot that is hardik
Pandya just flick of the wrists it’s a big boundary clears it with ease the
Indian fans are up again in celebrations wonderful stroke and eye coordination
strength flick of the wrists great results there 184 8 balls ade balls ah this one is even better
Oh what midwicket it’s an expensive from Peter chased
absolutely humongous hits into the golf course here in malahide what a stroke
beautiful swing of the wrists swing of the arms and extension huge hit look
like a golf swing as her it’s India it’s in the air is it gonna be taken but it
still managed to get long off he lost his back didn’t look like the best of
timing by handy Pandy Wow well I’ve never had to describe that
shot I’ve watched cricket I played cricket a long time he’s hit this pretty
much one hand bats got the square leg it’s carrying 80 odd meters caliber I
can’t believe it William Porter field not a chance
wonderful mister thought that he’s done him he’s done him in that length bug
hardly find a heavy bat even better even better from hardik
Pandya wow what an exhibition will experience it at the depth there 2707
bang bang six six there with that previous six it was also the first time
India have scored back-to-back two hundredths in two games in t20
internationals look at that we remember him playing a helicopter in the last
over again speeder chase but this one was a clean hit very clean from hardik
Pandya striking a 385 Stuart Thomsen making a meal of it well
I’m a little disappointed he didn’t hit over six that was his first four he’s
had four sixes wonderful exhibition of hitting striking at 387 runs Wow one all-rounder facing off against the
other and Stuart Thompson should have stopped that might iihave but just the one run 21
runs have come of this 20th over so India have amassed 213 for the loss of
four wickets and once again Ireland are up against it 230

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