Hardik Pandya to Resume Cricket Soon

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya has not participated in any cricket matches after the T20I with South Africa in September 2019. This is because he underwent surgery for a severe back problem. His surgery was very successful and now everyone is excited because Hardik will start playing cricket. However Hardik wants to rest some more. When the media asked him would he resume playing cricket, he said that he wants to rest. If he resumes playing it is dangerous as he may get another injury and it is not easy to recover. Hardik said that his body is not 100% fit. He said that he is better but needs to rest some more after which he will resume playing. Hardik said that Pat Cummins an Australian cricketer also suffered from a back injury like him. His surgery was successful and took complete rest. He then recovered and was 100% fit. Now Pat is playing cricket very well. Hardik wants to be just like Pat. Pat is the Vice captain. Pandya said he really wants to play ICC World T20 2020 in Australia and wants India to win. He will play for the Mumbai Indians in the 2020 IPL next year.

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