100 thoughts on “Harsha Bhogle: The rise of cricket, the rise of India

  1. harsha love you for taking England for a ride… suddenly India is no more a land of snake charmers dirt ,it is the land of opportunities lol …

  2. Rise Anything is goes up it has come down
    Some point in time one thing for sure not the age .
    Like rise & fall
    If youโ€™re down. Canโ€™t help it donโ€™t look down

  3. Love the wah you talk how articulately you explain the growth story of india by simply taking cricket as base …only you could do that

  4. Adds and cheerleaders were not necessery to show. I really wanted to see the passion and love for cricket of India which is not shown correctly.

  5. I agree with Harshaโ€™s opinion of English people inventing the things and let the world better at it. They invented the language and let Harsha be far better at it.

  6. What an absurd statement to end such a good presentation!! "Hopefully it will make everyone richer".

  7. Harsha Bhogle is definitely the best cricket commentator in the world. He talks cricket like no one else. However, I think IPL has only made a handful of people rich. There are many issues in the nation and what we lack is a balance in every sector. Also, I really don't agree as far as introducing cheerleaders are concerned. That's blind aping of NFL without considering the cultural circumstances. It's not someone's personal life or behind closed doors rather in the open, children seeing skimpily dressed women dancing as a means to entertain people. And most of the population is not aware of how to handle such stuff.

  8. Almost 10 years later, this speech still makes so much sense. Such a visionary and genius of a presenter Mr. Bhogle is. There isn't a moment in his speech where it gets boring; alive and agile as the man himself is.


  10. This man is genius cricket analyst, awesome commentator and excellent story teller๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

  11. How I didn't get the suggestion of this Ted talk till now ? I watch so many Ted talks and watch cricket clips here

  12. who knew that 9 years later, this very thing that was so celebrated back in the days has noe destroyed the cricket world due to india's massive corruption together with england australia (in taking over the ICC and taking all the cash for themselves)

  13. Cricket has lost it's glory . Now, it is not a gentleman game at all. In another words the world has rejected cricket . India maybe a superpower in cricket , but , cricket has no value.

  14. The concept of city based rivalries is not foreign to India. Mumbaikars and Punekars have been making fun of each other for years. And as someone from Mumbai, I was already fiercely proud of Mumbai cricket. There is no bigger institution in Indian cricket than Mumbai's maidans.

  15. I am not very happy listening to him on this stage he sounded like a capitalist very happy and proud the way India has abused its economy and created enormous disparity in the system. I am not against IPL as entertainment but i am not proud of the way it is run also its squeezing the productivity out of indians.

  16. Is it just me or YouTube is recommending this video after 9 years ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was getting it in my recommend since past 10 days, now I finally had to click on it.

  17. I just love him listening … Harsha Bhogle is my fav sports intellect and spkr ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Ž..

  18. Harsha Bhogle is good but he is very self critical. HE needs to chill out. There are a lot of things good about India other than cricket and the Army. May be he does not know them!

  19. India is not recognized in the world for its cricket. Hardly 7 or 8 nations play serious cricket. In Australia, the most popular game i think is rugby. In England, it is soccer (football).
    India is way behind China in gymnastics, behind most African nations in athletics.

  20. Wonderful….Harshaji you rocked it! You gave us a honest, farcical and correct image of the growth of the sport in India.

  21. There was a phenomenon called 'Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar' in the 90's. He was no accident. He is why cricket got popular. Not because of Pepsi or any other MNC

  22. I bet Harsha has more Cricketing Knowledge than most of the actual Cricketers..
    It's unfortunate becz of BCCI's 'Egotist Blatant Politics' we don't see him much these days..

  23. From one Indian to another…. after 9 years…..
    Look what India has done to this great sport! https://youtu.be/v5DWJv1hiwM

  24. Harsha Bhogle walking around makes me restless. Please just stand and talk. You ain't Michael Jackson โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  25. I found it bit corporate presentation, not TEDx talk. But last two points he made valid. But honestly I love Harsha's commentary, did not like this much.

  26. One of the smartest cricket player ever seen by India..his style of commenting and delivery is so smooth and calm.

  27. I see a lot of comments of people who started watching cricket 2 or 3 or 4 years ago. Because calling Sachin "selfish player, just 'a' player, and 'Virat is father or Sachin'(well the person is surely mentally retarded so I won't take his comment into account )…and lot more" is surely reflect that these people are unaware of the major era of Indian cricket. Mannn ! i have been watching cricket since the age of 6…now I'm 23….i have seen the changing era of Indian cricket. And in all these years among more than 1000 Indian batsmen and more than 100000 international batsmen, I can proudly boast that I have never seen the grace equal to that of The Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He is absolutely the Legend of batting! His records may be broken, but the way he played can never be overcome by any other batsman in the world.

    I can, for now, and always say that he is undoubtedly The Phenomenon in Batting Style – A complete textbook in itself.

    So before saying anything against him, just have a relook the way he used to play!

    And if you are talking about his spirit – dear, I guess he's the only player who was reassembled by surgeons. Tennis Elbow, Ankle Injury, Back Pain, Fracture in leg are just few i remember r.n on my tips. He conquered all of that and always played like a super energetic youngster who wanted to give his fullest for the team and the country on the field !

  28. i ve alwz admired his wittiness.. how sweetly he trolled zinta, srk, shoaib and the english… he presents his views n opinions so beautifully combination his knowledge of commerce and his intellect…we should be so proud that we ve such a brilliant minded person n commentator among commentators like manjrekar, gavaskar, shivaramakrishna, ganguly, laxman, madan lal, the list goes on n on… the onli good commentator in india..

  29. This man summed up cricket so well! For someone like me who grew up in the US, I never thought I would be able to go back to my roots and love cricket BUT then T20 happened and then I have become a fan ever since. IPL which is now worth over $6Billion dollars is just an example of how global this game could be given the right support! Hopefully, the US one day will welcome this beautiful game and we will have our Yankees and Red Sox but this time in cricket and not baseball.

  30. India have tremendous national pride about the strength of their cricket, but nobody else cares. Cricket is a dying sport in the countries who once dominated the game and where now the only sport which matters is football. Nearly every child used to play the game during lunchtime at school. But no longer. You never see children playing cricket any more. It is very much a minor sport in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies. All of the best athletes in these places choose to play football, rugby or basketball. Not cricket.

    Test match cricket is still the ultimate form of cricket. Not the watered down game of limited overs cricket, which is really just cricket-lite for people who don't like cricket. But India have ruined a good thing because of their fixation on the shortened forms of the game. It's sad, but true.

    RIP cricket.

  31. Harsha Bhogle is absolutely a great commentator to listen to. He's so knowledgeable about Cricket and also very passionate about the game. Fair Dinkum I love listening to him when he comes to Australia.

  32. @ harsha bhogle…..one thing or one person you missed in entire speech is THE GOD Sachin Tendulkar…..without him it would have not been the same in 90s

  33. That was some great analysis and detailed resoning. Watching this after India NZ semi finals, lndia might have lost the game but won the hearts. Uk. Economy shall increase drastically this year cause Indian fans spent millions in UK for them being the world cup host.

  34. great documentary , about the greatest sporting game ever,, just brilliant , wish i was this good at editing.

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