Hat Trick: Using baseball cap to prevent moisture and wind noise in cochlear implant processors

I’d like to share something with you
that you might find useful when you are jogging, riding a bike playing sports, or even going to the beach. It’s called the simple “Hat Trick.” You see a couple of years ago, I started
riding my bike more often. I quickly became annoyed with the wind noise. It became unsafe, too, as I was
unable to hear cars behind me. So I wanted something that blocked out the
wind noise, and minimize perspiration on my processor. So what I did, I tried a couple of things. The first thing I tried was a simple headband. This worked quite well. It keep the sweat off
and blocked out the wind noise. But… as you can see, it doesn’t look too cool. The other thing I tried was the skull cap. I bought this at a local motorcycle shop and it worked well, too.
Mainly, it kept the processor dry. I wore this while I was playing beach
volleyball and other sports, as well. But it was a little too… “motorcycle-gangish” for jogging or biking,
or things like that. So lastly, I tried – the hat. A baseball cap, or any cap for that matter,
will have a fabric band that lines inside of the hat. This band can be pulled down
and the audio processor put inside between the band and the side of the hat. After placing the processor inside
of the band fold the band over
and leave the coil outside. Then, you can put the hat on your head
and attach the headpiece. As you can see, the processor is nested
in the side of the hat and effectively protects it from moisture
and from wind noise. As a youth baseball coach, I found the “Hat Trick” to be very effective. especially on those hot summer days
and even playing games in the rain. With the processor inside my hat, I didn’t
have to worry about it getting wet. A couple of things to remember: when you wear were the processor
inside of your hat the volume will be slightly
decreased and slightly muffled. But not so much that it affects your
ability to hear or understand. If you have your remote control handy,
you can simply turn it up a couple of clicks and you should be fine. Another thing to remember is that the
processor is IN YOUR HAT. Which means, if you decide to take the hat off,
the processor is still in it. I’d also want to encourage you to use a drying kit. Even though the “Hat Trick” does a
great job of keeping your processor dry, using a drying kit will help preserve the
life of your audio processor. I hope you find this information useful. Have a good day.

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