Oh my God i’m Crude Self and Welcome to Another Adventure With omar got my friend Dylan Back There Got Max that’s my son We’re Going to do our first ever One-Man Hide-And-Seek Challenge Now A few Videos Ago I visited A haunted Clown Motel Did A video There [and] I was given This Clown as A gift in This Clown Motel People Donate Their haunted Clowns to the Clown Motel This Happens to Be One [That] was Disturbing A family in Massachusetts I’m not sure The Full Story on it but We’re Going to find out Tonight if it Really Truly is Haunted Now with This 3 a.m., Challenge, we’re Going to need some Rice Going to need a Needle and Thread of Course some Scissors and You’re Going to need a stuffed animal or? Doll Or Whatever With limbs you can See that Thomas Here Does have limbs Last but not least you’re Going to need some salt and some Water There’s my Cup of Water I did bring my crucifix Along Just in Case Please do not attempt to do this Challenge We are professionals I feel like I am Protected even Though I’ve Had some Crazy Stuff happen to me Please do not try This Challenge it Is very Dangerous and you Could put People Around you at Risk We’re Running a little bit Behind Schedule it IS 308 in the Morning and We have to do This right Away before it run out of Haunted Time they, did Say to [just] [all] Have Spirits Already Tied to it So, we’re Going to? See if You [Can] Attach some more Experience To it there’s something that you have to do at the end to Make This Be 100% Legit and that’s With the Water the salt Water and I’ve Seen A lot of These Videos Where They’re not doing that Correctly so go, Ahead put Them up there A lot of People have been using Blood and Nails People don’t know that We [have] dna and A lot of things We have dna in our spit We have dna in Our Hair Bob Dna in our hair so we’re Going to go ahead And cut Piece of our hair Okay, that’s all you, need right [There] Is that good, hmm, okay? Okay, Now Right I was going to give you a little Patch All right got some Dillon dna Right There Looks Good A big Chunk right There no they, don’t you [know] not A big Chunk hold it okay Sorry all right Just Throwing it out There [I] am not a professional So, we’re Going to finish it up We’re Going to play the game for [real] All Right There’s Thomas Right There Did You [See] [that] move [I] [saw] it the [arm] Just [moved] I swear the Arms move Without me doing Anything Like Nathan like [Shaken] do Not it Tied Into Anything it Would Did like One of These it Didn’t move Down [Anthony] did You get [it] off with you yes You know what no, one has Ever Done During one Of These like, one Man Hiding [sea] Challenges Actually [bathed] with the doll [Yeah], We should Totally Bathe [with] Thomas right Now I’ve Already went Through Two Batteries so far Making this Video and I’ve Only Recorded About Three Minutes of Footage not Sure if That’s a [coincidence] or not Okay, Now, We [have] to Say that, we are it Three [to] one [mile] [Or] is it? You know it’s kind of Crazy Though that [it] movies Coming out like hitler Clown And like visit it Ironic that Thomas Is alone you can eat Later We’re Going to start Here in The Bathroom [Turning] off all the lights Guys Ready Hey when, we get high I? Got to miss light [it] off well Look, it’s starting to get late Guys for 344 Okay, i’ll leave that on Titan here wasn’t? Like to count to 10 and [do] it Articles in [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] 10, we’re Here not here, We? I’m Scared None Doctrines About Really Suck I have Found you thomas You are the next it Thomas Well We have to put Him on the counter Boy he’s Heavy, oh? Thomas Looks Like he’s Had a rough day How’s it [goin] Thomas [We] Gotta Give him the Money Panel Mom Don’t give Him [A] knife that’s Just rude of us what you Gonna do give Him the knife all right so the next thing to do Now Is Run to our Hiding Spot Roy! Are We waiting for About 10 Minutes and? Haven’t Heard Anything I’m not sure if We have to Do I have to go out There and like start looking Forward or something yeah I think slow for us supposed to Look Always Possible for Us [Wow] Toria Tolley Our cat was out There? Was that her Cat? by the Tv’S off No I’m not sure if that was the doll or not? But I got cut. Right Now [I] almost got a static could have been A lot Worse don’t Come Look at that Big Wet Spot, [okay] a little okay, okay so true Look? There’s A treatment Plan it’s not There’s Nobody Here It’s had to see the True war Right There You See all that Water it, was Wet in The Kitchen too? Thomas Are you in Here Thomas Thomas So would it [be] Crazy if he was Hiding in his Doghouse, [oh] Gosh a new [Thomas] [Thomas] [okay] See Thomas in There so you guys know something Close Close By Itself Don’t play [You] got on Video [I] Didn’t have a supporting you I’m Just key Thomas isn’t over There, oh? Was that Thomas Anytime sorry? Big deal With Tell you tom is Keeley everything Thomas Time Is for 19 and We have Still not Found Thomas it’s getting rather Late [Just] Keep Looking That’s Some 150 Brand-New [Porsche] She Responds to me who all of England isn’t it the Fathers were Left Almost all I was given Click [baited]? Yummy Right Thomas okay, okay from [teacher] terry so you how I did it her Noon Said the chair [oh] My Gosh the Chairs The Chairs Moving the Chairs Moving Did That Really Just happen, oh My God, no what the hell, did we Just do? What the hell do we just do? Oh, my gosh yo I thought my House was Already Kind of Haunted but I think I just Made things Worse Yeah all right There’s One Thing that, We haven’t done yet, do We need to do? We got to spit salt Water at it We got to Finish this, We got to Burn the doll? But I bring the dolph not it’s going to haunt Us What if You sit on that Chair? We’re Still There he’s Still There? We gotta get [it] [so] let’s [get] [it] on so this Is One of the steps that People Seem to ignore when it Comes to the One-Man Hide-And-Seek Challenge it’s the Salt Water and Burning The doll Afterwards if not The Spirit will Stick Around These Spirits Are Wanting To Inhabit Human Bodies not dolls so this is only Temporary We have to kill the Bond right Now With the Salt Water and Burning the doll Boom Go Back to hell Where you came from By Thomas Alright fam I just wanted to thank you so much for Watching this Video A Lot of Creepy Stuff Happened Tonight It was fun it was exciting but at the same Time it was very very Scary Please do not attempt to Do what We did Tonight [Make] sure to check out my son max’s Channel he has a pretty cool Channel Also is my good friend Dylan he Just Graduated high School Please wish him luck Hopefully, no Clowns come Up in his dreams Or come to haunt him with a knife Especially dolls [You] want to See some More 3 a.m. Challenges Especially Like the One-man Hide-And-Seek I have something up my [sleeve] that I might do Tomorrow night [let] Me Know in The Comments if You want to see that I’m going to do something Completely Different and it’s going to be Really Really scary [I] want to know if You want to see it let Me know plus I got some awesome [Overnight] Videos Coming your way at, some haunted Locations That I filmed in Nevada and California Those Would Be Coming Shortly – Thank you so much for Watching before you leave [doe] Kimi Kids you at all


  1. "One Man Hide And Seek" with a full size mannequin in my haunted yard? 😘
    Twitter and Instagram @OMARGOSHTV

  2. Bruh Omar if you go back to the time frame 4:18, you will see a figure that looks like a woman with a sheet over her. And it's not your friend holding the phone.

  3. Hey Omar I've been watching your shows and your I like to be on your side because you have more interesting things to do I don't know if this is bad or a good thing for Moe he needs to go to church and get blessed and I'm not whatever demon is at in text to him now that would be a good thing for him

  4. I know this video was in 2017 but at minute 19 when you turn off the light there is someone was at the door behind you

  5. I like how he just said that he was a professional, and when he put the hair in the doll, he said he wasn’t

  6. At 510 when they came back into the bathroom Thomas was facing the opposite way.. when they orginally left the first time his head was facing away from water spout & then they came back in to knife him he had flipped

  7. When you turn off the light there’s a ghost girl in the bath room window the first Tim you turn off your lights in the video

  8. Omar:do not try this at home we are professional.

    Also omar:just throwing this out there,we are not professionals….

  9. In the game the water & salt is your protection. You have to mix it and say sum ion know 🤷‍♀️ you’re the professional

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