Hawaii MVP: UH Volleyball Aunties

Ask almost any fan, player, or coach what they remember most about U-H Volleyball game, and you’ll probably get a two word answer: THE AUNTIES. If you haven’t seen them in action, trust me, you’re missing out! KITV4’s Lara Yamada spotlights “The Aunties” –they’re this week’s Hawaii M-V-Ps. Lauretta @ Game NATS: Boom. Ahhhw!!! As animated as the youngest fans… Band Playing NATS: Lauretta with “happy faces.” As passionate as the most seasoned… BBall Girls NATS: Cheering Whoo! Lauretta NATS: We’re good fans! We come to every game! Win or lose! Lauretta NATS: Here’s to a team that fights. Rah, rah, rah! Lauretta Sewake and friends — camped out in their usual sweet spot — to catch the plays — and the players! Lauretta NATS: Kiss. I Love you! For more than 15 years … They’ve been there. At every, single, Men and Women’s Volleyball game. Lauretta @ GAME NATS: Woo! Alright! Coach Charlie Wade Our guys, for years and years after they’re done, still talk about the aunties. UH Volleyball Middle Blocker Averill Taylor They’re amazing. There’s no place in the world to play volleyball than out here at UH and I would say they’re the reason. Lauretta Sewake @ HOME Some of the boys are cute, you know. They come up and say I love you! Laughs. And I tell them too, because I’m a Hawaiian girl! Laughs. At her Wahiawa home, Lauretta Sewake is swimming in her craft. Lauretta I try to pick all the same type. Every day, the purple flowers, crowning her miniature coffee table. An art form perfected through practice. Lauretta I do it from the heart. I think that’s important. Lauretta I just want to support UH. They’ve been good to my children. Gale Picking Flowers People think I’m crazy doing this every day … Gale Harimoto rarely goes to games… But she provides the flowers. She’s picked them, 3 to 4 hours, every day, for YEARS. The crownflower’s poisonous sap sending her to the hospital SEVERAL times. Gale So, I have this medication I use and in my fridge, just in case. That risk, just a small factor, when her gift is so selfless. Gale It’s not for money, because when you do it for money, it becomes work. Gale When you’ve had a good life you need to give back. You need to give back and that’s what we’re trying to do I think. Lauretta @ Home NATS: When he comes to me, I go, ‘Que Sedore, Sedore!’ Laughs. The signs of their committment just about everywhere. Lauretta It has a little bling in it. Laughs. Home-made and hand-written, and in return: Lauretta This is the picture of them at the last game at UH… Lauretta Dear Lauretta… Lauretta You and Lenora have shown us such wonderful and cherished friendship. Lauretta NATS: Kapono, you did a good job! Game after game… Lei in hand…. Sometimes they give nearly 100 in a week.. Their enthusiasm is for BOTH TEAMS. Lara Yamada Standup So, it’s not just the flower leis. You see right there behind me? The coaches, the assistant coaches, are wearing ribbon leis in the colors of their school, and they do that for every team that comes here. Coach David Shoji I always kind of noticed that the other coaches had lei, and I thought we shouldn’t be so nice to them and they are. And, that’s just cool. Coach Charlie Wade Their support is unconditional. They’re here, doesn’t matter who we’re playing, doesn’t matter if we’re winning or losing, they’re here, every night and it’s a really special thing that they do. Lauretta NATS: You folks did a good game! Coach Dave Shoji I want to say thank you. We’ve got great fans, but they’re the greatest fans. At the Stan Sheriff Center… Averill Taylor Aunties and uncles, we love you, we don’t deserve you, but we love you. Kiss. I lei YOU tonight!

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